I’ll firstly apologise, I have had a crazy last few days so have been unable to blog. I went to the Soundwave Festival on Sunday but was looking after my younger cousins (we took them to the festival) so haven’t had a free moment to do a bit of blogging, will hopefully catch up with the posts i’ve planned this week.

One of the things I was busy doing was sorting out our 3rd bedroom. We moved into this house in October and basically it was used as a room for where I put the clothes I hadn’t been bothered to sort and everything else. Plus it housed my dressing table which I also hadn’t unpacked everything for.

So Friday night I got home from work and decided to get in there and get it done. I did and I’m pleased! I managed to unpack everything for my dressing table, and it is so nice to now have all of my makeup items available without having to search through boxes and bags!

It’s so pleasant getting ready in the morning and sitting down at my dresser doing my hair & makeup 🙂

Here are a few pictures of the finished job (just the dresser) My mum thinks i’m a little crazy because I colour co-ordinate things like my nail polish and headbands…..does anyone else do this?

view of the top of my dresser

headbands & sunnies

Nail Polish collection…small but growing rapidly!

Perfumes! I’ve got a review coming up of the wiggle perfumes I got from etsy (still trialling though)


This NOTD is actually 2 nail polish changes ago but I took pictures and thought i’d better put it up here.

This colour is called Reef and it’s from the Sportsgirl Nail It! Nail Polish range. The colour is a blue but not a regular blue it’s a little muted and more a mid-blue.

I got this for $3 on sale, so if you like it check your local Sportsgirl’s sale section!


I just found another discount! This time it’s for online fashion store About A Girl – They have a huge range of minkpink clothing (ugh should have waited to purchase my top!)

They are also having a massive clearout starting this weekend so maybe wait and stock up then.

I don’t have a lot of details like when this expires etc but give it a go if your up for some shopping!

Enter BUCKSCOOP during checkout to get 10% off your order.

Also, join us on Facebook for another 10% OFF voucher!



I haven’t shopped in awhile…clothes wise anyway! I get paid monthly so my splurges often come mid month (when my pay does…funny that?)

I saw this top on the newsletter I receive from http://www.freez.com.au/ weekly and it was very me… skulls…long…good price ($29), pretty much sells me really 🙂 I figured I could wear it to Soundwave on Sunday since I don’t really know what i’ve got in my current wardrobe I want to wear.

Then I also saw another top i’d been eyeing for awhile was on sale, so I also got this one it was originally $55 down to $29 –

I thought this would be a good one for when I visit Melbourne in March because it’s a little transeasonal and we all know what Melbourne weather is like!

Let’s add to the damage a little more shall we? I was reading through all my daily blogs on google reader and found a little gem on Sequin Of Events blog, the most adorable little bow crystal necklace. So off I went to etsy and hit the buy now button 🙂

I’m not going to put a picture here because I want you to go to her blog and check it out yourself.

So thats all the damage I did today! I want to do another transdesign order sometime soon but I might wait a few weeks, i’m trying to be good!!


I got home today from a rather average day at work…. below average actually and saw the latest Lush Times hanging out of my letterbox. Score! 

So it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to do a post about some Lush soaps i’ve tried out and a little bit of info and my thoughts on them.

If you aren’t aware of Lush, check out their website in Australia go to www.lush.com.au, international try www.lush.com. Basically they sell handmade bath, body, hair and skincare items they use natural ingredients and a lot of their products are fresh (You’ll often get a sticker saying who made the product and a little cartoon pic of them… which is kind of cute)

They are very well known for their soaps, now while they can be expensive their are a lot of goodies in the soaps and they are really something different to try.

Here are a couple i’ve tried out (planning on trying a lot more!)

I’ll start with a couple of Christmas items I tried. These probably aren’t available now but they do get released each Christmas.

I went a tad crazy with the buy 1 get one free after Christmas. This soap came in one of the gift packs I bought. The scent is a little almond like which usually i’m a fan of but this smelt a little “soapy” to me as well which I know sounds weird but i’m not really a fan of. Usually the bit of soap I cut off for the shower is gone in a few days, this is still sitting there because I’m not excited to use it. Anyone who wants it, i’ll happily send it over? email me, tweet me or comment here.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I love this scent so much! It smells sweet like lollies, I can’t really put my finger on it but it reminds me of some sort of lolly from my childhood…. It is amazing!

There are tiny flecks of glitter in this shower gel too but they don’t come off on the skin 🙁 

I’m sad this is only a Christmas item because I’d love to have a constant supply of this stuff (actually seen a few candle dupes so might try and buy the fragrance oil and get mum to make me candles in it) TRY IT!! seriously…!

Now a few soaps that are in the permanent Lush range –

This is described on the website as a helping of porridge oats with a dash of molasses.

I love this soap, the oats in it seem to exfoliate my skin quite well and it smells delicious! I’m a big fan of food scents and this smells cake like to me.

Only downfall is when your chunk gets smaller in the shower sometimes the oats/soap ratio is a little out.

This is also one of the cheaper soaps in the Lush range, so definitely a good product to start with. Also a good choice for  

Rock Star

 This is the first Lush soap I ever tried and it was the only one I ever bought until recently. It was always a go-to gift for me to (from people to me) I have a reputation for being a big fan of this! It was my favourite

It’s another sweet smelling soap with quite a vanilla accent to it. Everyone I have made smell this soap has instantly fallen in love with it. I also love the cute stars scattered throughout.

Honey I Washed The Kids

Okay so I mentioned Rock Star was my favourite… Sorry Rock Star but the throne has been taken over in full force by Honey I Washed The Kids.

This is the most amazing smelling soap I have ever had the chance to try! It’s a honey & toffee fragrance so once again sweet. See a pattern forming?

The thing I like best about this soap is that the fragrance actually lasts on my skin. When I use it i’ll still smell it on me at work the    
                                                 next day (I shower at night). I also find it super moisturising.

So one thing I want to mention about all Lush soaps is that you really need to be careful when using them in the shower. I generally cut off about a matchbox size and only take that in the shower with me so there is no wastage on the rest of the cake.

So do you have a favourite Lush soap I need to try?

Next on my list is The Godmother (I’ve heard it smells like Snow Fairy…), Spice Curls and Flying Fox Shower Gel so stay tuned for my reviews when I get those next time I decide to step into Lush and spend my salary 🙂