Like most girls I adore Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast At Tiffanys is definately a must watch movie. I’m also a fan of the Tiffany signature blue colour, though I don’t own any Tiffany jewellery myself I can admire from afar and thought this nail colour was a little fun and something to talk about.

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As for application, I found it evened out with 2 coats, I do however have a bit of a gloopy bump on my thumb but hey were not all perfect right. This colour is unlike anything I have in my small nail polish collection (which is growing…at quite a rapid rate in fact) but I thought it was a cute kickback from all the mints we’ve been seeing lately (I am a fan, don’t get me wrong). Hope you like it. Ignore how ugly my hands look too! I just had a coffee in my hand so it’s all red from the heat.

Once again, photo from my phone so not the best quality. I will go looking for my camera charger tonight and promise much much better quality photos.


I’m a fan of Sportsgirl, thats nothing new. I have been since they sported their colourful logo on white tee’s and bags and it was the shirt every girl wanted to be seen in when I was at school (this was before the comeback last year!)

When I go shopping I have a routine and Sportsgirl is always included, so I like to check out what’s coming in the upcoming season. So far for winter….. I LIKEY! VERY MUCHY!!

Rather then construct a huge post on everything I want from the winter collection because lets face it we’d be here for awhile. I had to show you these amazing shoes! They need to be in my closet, like yesterday! 

They are simply perfection… black (handy for winter), studded (instant love for me), chunky heel and ankle length! I can see them with skinny jeans, skirts with tights (patterned would be amazing), dresses, my Peter Alexander pyjamas… get the point?

Observe but please don’t buy and sell out my size before I get a chance to snap these babies up!

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I just received this in my email today and thought it was too cute not to post!

Today is 9/02/10

HAPPY 90210 DAY!

This was my favourite show when it was around, I own all the box sets on dvd and I was a Branden girl 🙂


Did anyone else manage to stock up when Event Cinemas had the $7.50 movie tickets? I did! I love the movies and it’s a good chance to see ones you wouldn’t really pay full price to go and see. Case in point Daybreakers.

My mum called me at work and told me about this new vampire movie that was out and I checked out the preview online (with no sound because I was at work) and it looked okay so we decided to go.

The movie is basically about the world in the future where vampires have taken over and only 5% of humans remain. The vampires that remain are turning mutant because of their human blood supply lowering and the big vampire corporation have not yet found a suitable subsitute for blood, so they look for a solution.

I guess the whole premise is different to other vampire movies/shows that are around at the moment but I had to laugh when the main vampire character played by Ethan Hawke was named Edward (come on Hollywood you know everyone is always going to associate vampires with THAT Edward now)

I think parts of this film were filmed here in Australia as it had a pretty broad Australian cast (hello Secret Life of Us reunion!! Rex and Alex were together again!!!)

The movie was okay, entertaining enough for a Sunday afternoon and some of the scenes were a bit ewww gory. If you don’t have cheap tickets though i’d wait for the dvd release

I give it a 2/5


Hi guys,

Thought I’d write a quick blog post via my phone to update that my Internet is down due to the storm in Sydney on Friday.

Imagine that a weekend with no Internet (and foxtel) It’s driving me nuts!!! I also have about 5 shows I obtain to watch on a Friday as well.

I had planned a couple of posts so once everything is back to normal I’ll get them up.

Hopefully it all gets sorted tomorrow when the tech comes out.


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