If your reading this I guess your wanting to know a little bit about the girl behind the blog, well i’ve always struggled with writing about myself and doing introductions.

My name is Anita i’m a 30 something year old living in the Blue Mountains¬†with her husband and 2 dogs (Boston Terrier & Pug… If you follow me on Instagram you’d already know them since I’m a crazy dog lady.).

What can I tell you? I enjoy makeup and beauty products… a lot! I’m my friends go-to girl when they want to know what foundation is good, where to buy cheap nail polish and what the current “now” lip colour is. This is the reason I started blogging almost 6 years ago.

I also write about other things I like as well, I basically write about what I want, when I want. Bit selfish of me…but I am an only child so I have a reason :).

So what do I like? Other then beauty stuff, music is my drug of choice. I love nothing more then going to see a band live or listen to music really loud in my car and sing along obnoxiously – If you’re wondering Vulcanella is a song by one of my favourite bands Magic Dirt, and now Pink Dynamite is also one of their lyrics – so it all ties in.

I also love food and eating, and have a slight Starbucks addiction that if you’ve met me you’ll most likely find out about quickly (especially if we’re anywhere near a Starbucks!).

I love a chat so if you’d like to know more, email me, tweet me, instagram me! I love my social media!