I’m sure i’ve mentioned before i’m a total magpie when it comes to packaging and the packaging of these items (as well as the price) is what made me throw them into my Priceline basket one day.

Be Essentials is a Priceline exclusive brand, kind of like Models Prefer. The entire range is marked at $3 per item so definitely not bank breaking at all.

Let’s start with the mascara, I wore this in my filming FOTD which I posted earlier this week and for the price it’s quite a good mascara. If you just want something to define the lashes then this is a great option. For me personally, I like bold volumised lashes and this just didn’t quite hit the mark for that. I will continue to use it however and may layer it with other mascaras for a perfect combination.

The eyebrow pencil… not so much of a success. I couldn’t swatch it because it was in the boxed packaging but I picked up the lightest shade there was. If you can see the swatch below this has quite a reddy tone to it and certainly wouldn’t work with my eyebrows. The formula is also creamy which isn’t ideal for eyebrow pencils in my opinion. So final verdict is this one will be going in the bin.

As mentioned earlier you can pick up the Be Essentials range from Priceline for $3 a pop. There is a whole range of goodies including lipsticks, nail polishes, eyeliners etc.