I planned to do a series of FOTD posts and never got past The Face #1 and since I couldn’t think up a snappier title for this post I decided i’ll try and continue the series.

I look like such a happy clam in this picture right… nope not at all! Also…Spot the sloths!

This face was done a couple of Sundays ago, our washing machine wasn’t working so I went to a laundromat wearing this look and feeling a little overdone. I was also clearly in need of a hair wash & our hot water wasn’t working as well so I had to go to the gym to have a shower and wash my hair #firstworldproblems. All is good now in the world of hot showers and washing machines!

I wanted to try out a few new products i’d picked up over the past couple of months that hadn’t really gotten much use. For my base I used NARS Sheer Glow in the shade Deauville, this might sound a little controversial but i’m not sure that I like this foundation very much. I’m going to give it a few more chances before it features in a Disappointing Products video or post but so far, not getting the hype. I concealed & highlighted with my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory and did a little contouring (give me cheek bones and no double chin) with NARS Laguna Bronzer – I’ve been loving this again lately, it seems to warm up my complexion. NYX Peach Blush was used on the cheeks and will forever be a favourite of mine, and I feel like it’s never ending because I use it so much but still haven’t hit pan!

On my eyes I can’t remember exactly which shades I used but it looks like I used the neutrals (naturally) from TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Palette. The shadows are buttery and easy to blend, I get a little chalkiness from the lightest shade Matt Smith but other then that the shades i’ve used so far have been great (I’m actually wearing Matt Gallagher in my crease today for a bit of definition/I can’t be bothered doing full eye makeup today). I lined my eyes using the Essence 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen, I picked this up because it had a thin nib on one end and the other end was a little thicker and slanted, the pigmentation on this isn’t fantastic and I feel like I need to push down quite hard to get colour. I then coated my lashes with the Essence LashMania Reloaded Mascara.

For my brows I bought out an old favourite the Benefit Brows A Go Go Palette* and then set them in place with the Benefit GimmeBrow in Light/Medium. Yes, it is as amazing as the reviews say!

Lips! This is my new Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Crush – Look at that colour! I’m not going to say too much because I have a review and proper swatches etc coming of this soon 🙂

I would like to try and do more of these because it’s a good way to give mini reviews of some products that I can’t/haven’t done full reviews on.

Products marked * were provided for my consideration.


Hooray I have finally uploaded a new YouTube video! Here are my current favourites. See below the video for all details of the products mentioned –



The Beauty Pod -$12.50AUD @ Melli Cosmetics

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (Gel) – $32AUD

Face of Australia Translucent Face Powder – $11.95AUD – International readers can purchase from Fashion Addict

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine – Rivage – $50AUD or $36AUD on Strawberrynet

Mac Hibiscus Cremesheen Lipstick (Surf Baby Collection) – $41AUD at Mac Stores or Mac Cosmetics

Jack Black Lip Balm – $7AUD on Strawberrynet at time of posting this was sold out, keep checking! it will get restocked.

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream – 50ml $34AUD or 125ml $64AUD at Kiehls counters or the new website! There is currently free shipping June and if you quote the code lipglossblog you will receive a free lip gloss with any purchase!

Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream – $58AUD from Benefit Counters nationally

NYX Eyeshadow in Taupe – You can purchase NYX shadows from Crush Cosmetics for $7.95AUD but this colour isn’t available. Alternatively I also buy NYX from Cherry Culture for $5.50USD but they are often on sale and this colour plus many more are available.

MAC Eyeshadow in Naked Lunch & Sketch – $33AUD from Mac counters or Mac Cosmetics Website

Benefit Bella Bamba – $51AUD from Benefit Counters

Illamasqua Nail Polish in Boosh – $34AUD from Illamasqua counters

Nubar Nail Polish in 2010 – I don’t know of any Australian retailers, I purchased mine on Ebay

Marc Jacobs Blush – I’ve had this for ages and couldn’t find any information on prices, try all perfume counters 🙂

Modiva Professional 25mm Curling Tong – $89.95AUD for a $30 discount enter the code lovevulcanella at the checkout. Purchase from the Modiva website

L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray 400ml – $9.95AUD from Priceline

Seven Wonders Moroccan Treatment Oil – $32.95AUD from various Chemists and Health Stores or Online Here


Please note some of the products mentioned were provided for review, please read my disclosure policy for more information.


As usual life is hectic! So here is a little haulage post… I haven’t done one of these in ages!

I had some family members go to the US in April and with the great $$ I sent them off with a shopping list, they did well!

The goodies!


Urban Decay Primer Potion – My favourite eye primer….and it’s in a tube!!! So much better then the crappy packaging previously which is what my current tube is, I’m going to attempt to depot that soon as i’m almost out. I’ll let you know how I go!

Benefit Bella Bamba – 3D blush? yep that’s how this is marketed. I am a fan of the Benefit boxed blushes so had to get this.

Illamasqua Ore Pigment – I have loved and wanted this for so long! IT’S MINE! Haven’t used it yet but can’t wait to give it a go.

Mac… really? could you tell? 🙂

Eyeshadows – Beauty Marked, Carbon, Blanc Type & Sketch – I can’t even remember why I picked these particular colours but they are so beautiful, especially Beauty Marked… can’t wait to try a sparkly smokey eye with this one!

Blush – Well Dressed & Peachykeen – Love Peachykeen still not 100% convinced about Well Dressed

Lipstick – Dubonnet – I think I had winter in mind when picking this… tried it and its very very dark… not sure if I can pull this one off but might try using it as a stain in winter. It is a very pretty colour though!

That’s all folks!



First up… Benefit have the cutest packaging right? This is absolutely no exception and could quite possibly be the cutest packing I’ve seen from them. BIG CALL!

Finding Mr Bright by Benefit is all about the GLOW…you know the glow you get when you have found Mr Right? Well we can achieve that look through this great little kit.

I purchased it mainly because it contained 3 items I wanted to try out and the 4th item (High Beam) is a staple in my beauty collection that it was quite nice to get a mini version I can use when I go away on holidays or even for touch ups throughout the day.

So this little kit of glowy goodness contains the following in mini versions – Girl Meets Pearl, Posie Tint, High Beam, Erase Paste in Medium.

I’m enjoying all of the products in this kit so far. I’ve been using Girl Meets Pearl as a subtle highlight and am thinking a full size purchase is in my future. I also love Erase Paste, Medium is a little dark for my fair skin but I still gave this a good go and the staying power and non cakiness is what appeals to me.

The only product i’m a little “meh” about is the Posie Tint, while the colour is lovely it is quite a pain to blend into the skin and if you don’t work quickly it can look a little blotchy. It also doesn’t really show up on my lips so not as multi purpose as I hoped.

You can get your hands on the Finding Mr Bright kit from any Benefit Counters nationally. It retails for $45


I hate being a Negative Nellie but sometimes it just has to be said. Keep in mind this is how a product has worked or in this case not worked for me and my skin and conditions are probabaly different to yours, if they are the same woo hoo we’re special 🙂

I must admit, I have a little bit of an obsession with primers. I totes blame that Napoleon Perdis reality show where every episode he rattled on about it being a crime not to prime. I am forever looking for that one primer to make my makeup last, pores look invisible and my skin to look ultra amazing! I must give a shoutout though to my homie Benefit PoreFessional for being THE BEST product for making my pores invisible.

I’d heard wonderful things about Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, it ticked all the boxes and won a shitload of awards so of course being the beauty gal I am I needed to get it! Well…. sometimes you just can’t trust awards (Kanye, please step in if you need to…). I tried everything in my power to like this product and I tried using it multiple ways but it just didn’t work.

I wish I had something nice to say about this primer because i’m a glass half full kinda gal, actually the packaging is nice and I like pumps on products so it gets a tick there. Everything else about it….fail i’m afraid! On my skin it felt super oily (and I have dry combo skin for those interested), did nothing for my pores, accentuated all my dry spots (and I moisturise like a mofo so they weren’t even THAT bad), makeup didn’t last and worst of all it gave me major breakouts, i’m talking alien pimples!

Has anyone had any luck with this primer? with all the awards and rave reviews i’m probabaly in the minority with not liking it. I’ve got a couple of other primers i’m trying out at the moment but I really want to get my hands on the Stila one with all the crazy colours in it! It looks awesome!

If you do want to pick it up, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer retails for $52.95AUD @ Kit Cosmetics