Here’s a bit of a treat for you, this is the Christmas playlist i’ve been working on in Spotify… Be warned I do like some non conventional Christmas songs and some may need to be played away from children/grandma (unless she’s hard of hearing). It’s quite a mix of boy bands, punk, metal and a bit of Bublé (because who can resist a bit of Bublé at Christmas). FYI my actual favourite Christmas song of all time is Last Christmas by Wham 🙂

If you have Spotify feel free to follow my list, it’s what I’ll be listening to on the lead up to Christmas and maybe a modified version of it when we have family around :).

Let me know if you can think of any tracks I should add/would like. So far I have 40 tracks on this but i’m constantly adding more in the lead up to Christmas. I’m devo that the South Park Christmas album isn’t on Spotify because that’s always played at Christmas at my parents house.


When I saw this set initially on Sephora’s website I knew I wanted it, I actually blogged about in my Sephora Christmas Gift Set Wishlist. I then saw Mecca were selling it and for only $34 I was hot footing it to a local store to pick it up. I’ve been wanting to try these Melted Lipsticks from Too Faced since I first laid eyes on them and of course swatched them at Mecca quite sometime ago.

The thing I like about this set is that you aren’t getting the shit colours you’re actually getting the most popular shades they sell (Melted Nude, Melted Peony, Melted Fuchsia & Melted Berry) & while they don’t all suit me; Melted Nude i’m looking at you… I can still appreciate a good wearable lip colour set like this. Keep in mind these are mini’s but I have so many lip colours it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, plus it’s a great way to test out a new formula to see if it works for you.

I really like the applicator, it’s something a bit different and gives you a really precise application on the lip which is much needed for the darker shades.

The formula…lush! So pigmented, creamy and long lasting. These do stain a bit so you might need a bit of elbow grease (or a good makeup removal oil) to get them off & by the end of swatching these my lips were soooooore!

My favourites of the bunch were definitely Melted Fuchsia & Melted Berry and I think you can see from my pics below that they suit me the most. I’m thinking Melted Berry will make an awesome shade over the Christmas holidays.

As mentioned before you can pick this set up for RRP $34.00AUD at Mecca Cosmetica, but be quick as these are a Christmas exclusive!


Source – Tumblr

This is such a cop out post but it’s late and i’m tired and not at all prepared for today’s Blogmas post, so i’m winging it with a random rambles.

– Tonight was Trivia Night (as every Wednesday is) and we won! wooo! go team!

– I picked up the Freddo Frog Advent calendar a few days ago, it’s my favourite one and it hasn’t been too bad having to catch up so I can open a chocolate every day 🙂

Lily Pebbles posted a recipe for a biscuit called Brookies which are a cross between a Brownie and a Cookie so i’ve been madly looking them up on Pinterest and think I know what I want to try baking next.

Source – Pinterest

– Buying tickets to Drake was a success! We got Row A in the first section of seating, I swear I am a champion at ticket buying sometimes. I’ll be having a very busy week that week of February with Drake, Shane’s Birthday and 2 days of Soundwave i’m pretty sure by March i’ll have lost my voice and need a holiday.

Source – Tumblr

– After my trivia teammates being shocked by the fact i’ve never watched Family Guy it’s just made it onto my Netflix list, but my current watching priority is American Horror Story: Coven.

– Still addicted to Serial and can’t believe there are only a few episodes to go, I am still on the fence about if he did it. I do still think Jay was more involved then he has let on.

– 15 Days til Christmas… WTF! I need to get my ass into gear and start doing some Christmas shopping. I hate the shops this time of year though, everyone is so grumpy and shitty. I try and do my shopping quite late at night or first thing in the morning when the general population isn’t around.

I think that’s all for now, sorry for this crappy post but i’m tired and didn’t want to flake on my post today. I should have something much more exciting for you to read tomorrow!


These are a couple of my more understated shades from my collection, kind of leaning towards that “Kylie Jenner” style nude lip that’s on trend. I find that these shades suit me more with a kind of mauvey tone to them.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Natural is my first lipstick from this range, I love the formula! It’s super creamy, pigmented and because it’s matte it lasts well on my lips. Then we have Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nudist. This isn’t really a nude at all but more of a mauvey pink shade, I love the formula of these and previously reviewed the hot pink Pink Pong as well. While they are a liquid lipstick they aren’t drying on my lips in the slightest and adding layers simply builds the colour up to something more intense. These are definitely one of my favourite lip releases this year.


Our house is only small so it’s a bit hard to get a lot of Christmas going on. I thought i’d show you what I put out today to make things feel a bit more festive!

Above is our small LED tree, I’ve only put a few decorations on so far (yes they are Starbucks decorations) because I’ve been eyeing some rose gold baubles at Target i’ve been meaning to pick up. So once I get those they will also be added to the tree.

My overstuffed bookcase always holds our dogs stockings which we fill up for them every year.  I’m thinking the dogs are going to be getting new collars this year, their current ones are looking a bit worse for wear. I’ve also put our first Christmas card this year and a Santa decoration that I got given last year from a family member on our speaker. You can’t see this but on the next shelf I also have my Christmas Eeyore… He needs to be up high because Minnie (our pug) will bark and bark so I’ll get her it down to play with. Not happening.

Last up are my little Christmas Ornaments i’ve collected and like to display. The first is a Boston Terrier which I was so excited to find, I bought this on our trip to Tassie earlier in the year from the coolest little Christmas shop in Richmond (highly recommend checking it out if you go to Tasmania). Next up is a Pug ornament that my mum bought me this year, she’s actually painted the pug black for me since it was originally the fawn colour, and you can never find anything with Black Pugs. Then we have my Eeyore, this is a Hallmark ornament from a few years ago (can you tell I love Eeyore?). Lastly is a new addition from Hallmark this year, I think it’s a French Bulldog but it looks quite like Pen and the dog is licking which makes it even more like Pen so I had to get it.

I have a few other little things around like Christmas tealight holders etc but these are the main things i’ve put out so far.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little peak into my decorating and I hope that your Christmas decorating is going well, I’d love you to share a link if you’ve posted your decorations this year!