I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to purchase this mainly because I thought to myself… ugh another contour kit that’s going to be average. However, Rimmel had a 50% off sale at Priceline recently and for some reason I ended up buying it. No regrets!

The kit contains a highlight, contour powder and blush and is housed in a sleek rose gold compact (definitely Instagram worthy!).


The blush is just average, yes it’s a pretty coral shade but really not that pigmented and not something i’d reach for too often over my other blushes. The stars of the show are for sure the other two powders in the palette. The contour shade is fantastic, it isn’t overly pigmented which makes the product easier to use and build up if you need to. It does have a slight shimmer similar to NARS Laguna, but still works to chisel out the face. The highlight… oh my word. I’ve been using this on the reg’ and it’s the most used part of this palette for me. The shade leans more gold and it has a slight sheen but isn’t packed with glitter so it’s perfect for everyday wear.

I’m not usually one to do the whole contour/highlighting my face for work but because this palette is so subtle that I’ve been reaching for it even on my work days and it just gives that little extra oomph.



That glow though!

I’ve only seen this in the shade I purchased 002 Coral Glow in Australia, but I have noticed there is another shade or 2 available internationally.

If you’re just getting into the whole contouring/highlighting aka Kardashianing (it should be a technique!) this is a great starting point and even purchasing this full price at $16.95AUD is well worth it, even with the blush shade being average.




When news of this blush trio by BYS shot into my inbox I was quick to think… a cheaper dupe for the already quite inexpensive Sleek Blush Trio’s?… YEP ON IT! I think I was initially blindsided by the amazing bright colours each trio came in – bright blush…cheap at $6.95AUD a pop.. can be purchased at Kmart at 10pm on a weeknight when I need a makeup fix (Come on, don’t tell me you don’t do that as well?). Ticks all boxes… so far.

So when I was kindly sent one by a lovely PR lass and saw the trio sent over in Heart Skipped A Beat.. well guess what my heart did? CORNY!

When I swatched this trio for the above picture, let’s just say my initial excitement was turning into slight disappointment. Don’t get me wrong the colours are beautiful and pigmented but the finish is chalky. Each individual shade doesn’t have a name so I’ll just go from left-right and call them Shade 1 – 3.

Shade 1 – My favourite shade upon first seeing the trio, however sometimes when your fair and a product is too pigmented, you can look like a clown #firstworldproblems. This was also very chalky, difficult to work with and hard to blend in to look natural. Once I toned it down with some powder it was okay, but it’s not a blush i’ll be reaching for often.

Shade 2 – Super bright, super pigmented and again chalky. Not good at all on my face. At least with Shade 1 I could tone it down.

Shade 3 – Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! This shade seems to have a bit more shimmer then the other 2 and has a slight “blueish” tone to it. This one is wearable! I like it, a lot in fact. It’s also not as chalky as the other 2 shades which makes it easier to apply & is also not like every other pink/coral toned blush I seem to have in my stash. I wore this on my face in my recent Antipodeans Challenge if you want to see it in action.

I’ve heard from reliable sources (Ange) that BYS blushes are usually a good formula, so maybe I need to try some of their single ones.

This trio comes in a range of shades, but I suggest swatching instore and seeing if they suit you and if you like the formulation before you go and spend your hard earned $6.95.

You can pick up BYS from Gloss Cosmetics stores, Kmart and various other outlets.

P.S. Hurry up and have a sale Crush Cosmetics, I wanna get my mitts on those Sleek Trios!

*Product was provided for my consideration, please read my disclosure policy for further information.


Recently one of my local shopping centres has been having a bit of a redevelopment and the new section opened a few weeks ago, one of the new additions was Daiso! If you haven’t heard of Daiso basically it’s a Japanese style $2 shop, everything in the store is $2.80. I was most excited and though the crowds were cray cray I picked up one little beauty item that I wanted to share with you.
Everbilena Pure Color Cheek in Light Pink (RRP $2.80AUD) is a blush, well i’m pretty sure it’s a blush the images on the back of the packaging lead me to believe it is anyway. I got this because of the unusual packaging of the product, you basically apply it straight from the packaging with no need for fingers or brushes (although I do suggest using your fingers or even a brush to blend it out).
This sucker is pigmented, like WOAH! Hence the need for blending. The colour is pretty and it wears well throughout the day.
The packaging is all in Japanese except for a few one English translation “Attention of the use: If something happen the trouble on your skin using them, please stop use them”. It also has some handy images of how to use the blush…
I really like this blush and am looking to try out some more products from Daiso since it’s now so local to me, if you have any recommendations i’d love to hear them!


Ahhh Napoleon, to be honest i’ve not tried very many Napoleon makeup products, I bought a lipstick once on a whim and I actually really like it!

These palettes are from Napoleons more “budget friendly” range NP Set which is available in department stores (Pretty sure BIG W has a sale on these products this week…go go go). I honestly can’t see the difference between these more pocket friendly products and the normal range, so for me it’s pocket friendly each time.

I was sent these palettes to try out (eons ago… yep bit slow on the ol blogging front over here) and I thought they were the perfect option for someone just starting to get into makeup (younger girls, i’m looking at you!). At a very wallet friendly price of $29 each you get yourself 4 lovely eyeshadows which are nicely pigmented, easy to blend and with a kick ass eye primer hold out throughout the day. You also get 4 lipglosses (to be honest i’m not a fan of these, just because it’s a bit impractical to take this palette for touch ups) and lastly, there are 2 blush colours!

Onto the sets, you have a choice of 2 sets which makes life easier… ask yourself the question are you a neutral girl or a little more daring?

The Glam Set is for your more neutral loving girl, the shadows in this are right up my alley and the 4 shades compliment each other really nicely and make for some nice easy eye looks.

The blushes are meant to be a contour and highlight blush I think, these did not work for me at all. The darker colour was just too dark for my fair skin, it may however work for you.

Here are some close ups of the palette and some swatches

Sorry I didn’t bother doing the lip glosses, the swatches I tried were way to sheer and really didn’t show anything at all.

The Red Carpet set is a little brighter and bolder, you can experiment a little more with the eyeshadow colours while still maintaining a quite neutral look if thats what you prefer.

When I first received this the thing I was most excited about was the blushes in this particular set… bright bold and exactly what I am into right now, the blushes on their own are fantastic and highly pigmented but I made a little discovery! Mixing these blushes together gives the most perfect pinky coral cheek….quite similar to one of my favourite blushes, the limited edition MAC Ripe Peach blush. I did a swatch of the colours blended together on their own so you can see for yourself.

Ahhh I just love them mixed together!!!

So overall these palettes are a nice addition to my makeup collection, personally if I could choose i’d have the neutral eyeshadows with the 2 bright blushes and no lip glosses in my ideal NP Set palette.

If your interested in purchasing this you can find NP Set at Target, Big W and now TVSN!

Products mentioned were provided for my consideration, please read my disclosure policy for further information.



This post has been inspired by Angela from Beauty Blogged, she’s recently started making YouTube videos (go subscribe, she’s awesome and tells it like it is!). In her recent video she mentioned she wants to get glowing cheeks from a blush and asked for recommendations. I commented with this recommendation but then thought…it’s one of my favourite items in my makeup collection it really deserves a blog post all of it’s own.

I picked this blush up when I got my makeup done at the Becca counter by Nic from Pixiwoo (you can see my blog post about the makeover here) she said she loved this blush and put it on every client she saw that day and she was even wearing it herself. Tuberose is a pinky/peach so I knew as soon as I saw it I had to have it!

Loving a colour is one thing though right? I had no idea how awesome and how easily it blended and melted into my skin, gave a perfect flush and simply makes me look more awake. The formula is quite thin which is why it is so easy to blend and use (I just use my fingers), it’s quite pigmented too so only a small amount is needed to get that flushed look. Oh you can also use it on your lips, but personally I found it a little drying.

Enough of my rambling about how awesome this is, I clearly love it! Here are some pictures of said awesomeness 🙂

The Details! RRP $46.00AUD Becca is available at David Jones, Adore Beauty and Becca also has an online store.

I also thought i’d list the products I used in my picture as well if anyone is interested 🙂

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel in 52 (Vanilla) RRP $32.00AUD/ Illamasqua Skin Base in 07 (mixed together) RRP $65.00AUD

Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner in Black RRP $8.95AUD*

Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara in Black RRP $19.50AUD

Becca Cheek & Lip Creme in Tuberose RRP $46.00AUD

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Melonade RRP $21.95AUD (I don’t think this is available anymore)

Items marked with * were provided for my consideration. For further information please read my Disclosure Policy.