I recently added to my brush stash with this set off Ebay, looking very similar to the Sigmax Collection and various other brush sets i’ve noticed around the interwebs, the cheap price ($13.15 and free postage) lured me in.  You can check out the Ebay seller I used here. Just note the price could be different with exchange rates.

The collection includes 5 Synthetic Kabuki style face brushes and 5 eye brushes, you can also choose from a variety of handle colours. I picked the white because I didn’t have any white brushes in my collection and I think they look kinda cool.

So far i’ve only used 2 of the face brushes, the flat top kabuki & round top kabuki. Comparing these to my Real Techniques Buffing Brush that I use on a daily basis, well they are okay. If you’re new to makeup and building up a collection of brushes they certainly do the job. I just found that they kind of “ate” my foundation and I felt like I needed to use more then I would normally use.

In the eye brush offering i’ve only used the round eye brush, and used it similarly to how I use my Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush – to blend in my concealer. It does a good job and is very comparable to the Real Techniques version.

As mentioned before, this is a great set (and a bargain) for a beginner or if you’re just looking to beef up your brush stash with a few different types of face/eye brushes. I don’t regret my purchase and look forward to giving the angled brushes in both face and eye sets a whirl with my contour application.

I also spied a set on ebay identical to the Real Techniques brushes as well, let me know if you’d like me to grab these to do a comparison.

Brushes purchased by me off Ebay


Something that caught my eye at IMATS was The Beauty Pod, very similar to the BeautyBlender but a considerable amount cheaper. A tool to make my makeup look airbrushed? Sign me up!

At IMATS it only cost $10AUD which is an absolute bargain, of course! Online now you can get it for around $12.50AUD which is still a bargain in my opinion.

So how does it work, basically you fill the sponge with warm water and watch it expand. Then you squeeze out the excess water and use it to apply your foundation. The finish it gives your foundation honestly is flawless, I was quite impressed (and let’s be honest, i’m usually very skeptical!). I generally apply my foundation with a flat top kabuki style brush but have now switched and use this… or if i’m being ultra fancy will apply with the flat top kabuki and pat over it with the beauty pod to make it look even more flawless.

Here are some pictures

After water added, the beauty pod swells up


Ready to use!

Clean up of this is easy too, just a bit of baby shampoo or any other gentle shampoo or soap will clean it right up. The one thing I didn’t like was that it seemed to leave foundation residue on the pod that I can’t get off so to me it looks dirty even though it isn’t.

You can buy this online by visiting the Beauty Pod website or from Makeup and Glow

One word of warning, if you have a dog who is obsessed with Kong Toys… which I do!

Don’t let them see this, my dog thought it was her kong and went a little nutso at me because she thought I was using her favourite toy and not giving it to her . Awwww Minnie 🙂 (no her eyes are not blue, they are blackest black but for some reason show up blue in photos)