These brushes have been showing up all over social media, first originally by the brand Artis and for quite a hefty price tag. The dupes followed appearing on Ebay & AliExpress so I thought i’d give them a shot. I didn’t feel too bad about spending $13.99AUD (including shipping) on this set to just give them a try.

Honestly, I’ve only used the first 2 brushes because I still don’t know exactly what to use the others for. The first brush I use for foundation and while you need to get used to the “sweeping” technique, it really does give a pretty flawless finish. The next brush I use for concealer in much the same way, I do find it a bit harder to blend right under the eyes so generally will go over it with my Real Techniques Sponge. If you know how I can use the smaller brushes, please let me know.

The only negative I have to say about these brushes is that sometimes the handle feels a bit flimsy and like it might snap, it hasn’t yet though and i’ve been using these brushes almost daily since I received them.

Are these good brushes? Yes!.

Would I purchase the original more expensive Artis ones? Nope, the Ebay versions will do me just fine.

If you would like to purchase off the same seller as I did Click Here. Otherwise just search on Ebay for Toothbrush Foundation Brushes / Toothbrush Makeup Brushes and heaps of options and different sets will appear. Keep in mind these do get shipped from China so sometimes shipping can take awhile (I think mine took about a month to arrive).



I actually wrote this blog post last night out on the Blogsy ipad app as a test and I pressed some button and my post went into an abyss… RUDE!

Anyhoo! I was out shopping the other day with my mum and Ange and we were schlepping around the makeup section in Target (as you do!) as we were about to leave I noticed a new version of the Girlz Only dry shampoo for Blonde/Light Hair and since i’d just gotten my blonde re-done I was in the mood for giving a shit about my hair and picked one up. These only cost $2 and when I went to pay it scanned in at $1.40…I should have bought a few more.
FYI I did a comparison on some dry shampoos i’ve tried including the regular Girlz Only dry shampoo’s HERE!
Now you may be wondering why this particular dry shampoo is getting it’s own post when i’ve really reviewed it before and it performs exactly the same as the other ones I have tried.
Let me take you on a bit of a journey into my office the other week, I was wondering all day what this freaking amazing smell was… I knew what scents I had slapped on in the morning and didn’t think it was me, until I remembered I used the dry shampoo for the first time that morning. The smell was so familiar, I was driving myself nuts trying to figure out what it was until it hit me… HONEY I WASHED THE KIDS! (by Lush). 
Funny thing is I have been burning a melt at home in my oil burner that is also a dupe of Honey I Washed The Kids so I thought maybe i’d gotten it on my hands or something, nope after using it again it’s the dry shampoo. 
Unfortunately for you darker haired ladies, this won’t work for you because the actual powder? in the dry shampoo has a yellow tone as it’s meant to also help cover up roots in between dye jobs (since my hair is still pretty freshly dyed I can’t really comment on if it does in fact do this). I’ve taken a picture of the nozzle which shows the yellow of the product.
Girlz Only Dry Shampoo can be purchased from Target stores for RRP $2.00AUD.. and they are amazing!


Thank you Sydney for giving me a finally nice sunny summer weekend! Although it’s Sunday night as i’m writing this (yes I know it’s Manicure “Monday”) and it’s just started raining…

Because of the great weather I decided to have a fun nail weekend and decided to try out the new Australis Nail Colour that I got sent in the shade Flip Flops… it’s blue, it’s sparkly, it’s awesome! It’s also limited edition so get thee booty to Priceline or the like and pick one up.. it’ll only set you back a RRP of $7.95AUD.

The formula is lovely, I could have gone with 1 coat and been out the door but i’m a stickler for putting 2 coats of polish on and a top coat (Seche Vite).

The royal blue with a gorgeous lighter blue shimmer is perfect for those warm days, or perhaps you want to channel your inner Beyonce and honour the birth of Blue Ivy like Beyonce recently did on her first public appearance since giving birth.

A bit of a close up to see the glitter a bit better, ignore my crappy application of the polish. I was in a rush to take these before I went out for the day.


This product was sent to me for my consideration, all opinions are honest and my own. For further information please read my disclosure policy.



I’ve pretty much said everything in the title of this post!

I love this product, it’s by Face of Australia and it’s a total dupe for the NARS Orgasm Illuminator!

This is a limited edition product, so if your looking to pick it up.. get thee to store now!

When I first swatched this in Priceline I ummm’ed and ahhh’ed over it, would I really use a highlighter that’s pigmented and not really a traditional highlighter colour? Then I couldn’t stop thinking about it and imagined how I would use it, now I can’t see myself without it (and i’m tempted to go buy the rest of the colours).

The consistancy of the product is quite thin, but it is very pigmented and easy to blend into the skin. You do have to be careful though because you may get a bit of product overload come out (see swatches below for a great example!).

The colour though, wowza! If you’re a fan of NARS Orgasm get this! It is an absolutely gorgeous peachy pink with a fine gold shimmer. I think it’s one of those colours that universally suits all skin tones.

I find the best way to wear it is more as an enhancement on my blush, so i’ll put on my blush and then dot a bit of the Illuminator on the top points of my blush and blend in. I have no idea if this is what you’re meant to do but it works for me.

Let’s see this bad boy (or girl) in action. This is a photo I took in the car on NYE my first outing with the Illuminator on. Yeah I like heavy blush 🙂


There are 4 colours in this range, and as said earlier they are limited edition! You can pick them up for RRP $14.95AUD from all the usual Face of Australia stockists.

Here is a recent FOTD using the Mineral Therapy Illuminator

Products Used –

Foundation – Illamasqua Skin Base in 07 & Boujois Healthy Mix in 02

Eyes – Naked Palette (Sin on eyelid, Virgin on brow bone, Buck in crease, Half Baked in the middle of the eyelid, Creep in the outer corner), Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara)

Cheeks – NYX Glow & Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminator in Angel Fire

Lips – Revlon Carnation

Product was purchased by me at P to the riceline 🙂 



I found these lipsticks hanging about in a discount beauty store (Cosmo Cosmetics, i’ll put where they are at the end of this post). They only cost me $7.00 each!

The Revlon Moon Drops lipsticks aren’t readily available in Australia but they seem to be available in the US, so if you can get your hands on them, lucky you!

The lipsticks themselves are moisturising and long lasting, the pink colour especially lasted ages on me even to the point it kind of stained my lips.

The one thing I don’t like is the smell, they smell a bit “older lady” to me, it’s a small thing but I thought i’d better mention it.

The 2 colours I got were brights from the range…surprise surprise! It seemed my local Cosmo Cosmetics had quite a good range of colours as well so I may go back and get a few more!

The colours I picked up were Blase Apricot & Lilac Champagne

You can find Cosmo Cosmetics at these locations (I’m not entirely sure if they all sell the same products though, sorry!)

Also, I’m just getting these locations from google so if the stores are no longer there… oops! I do know for sure the Parramatta and Merrylands stores are open 🙂

Cosmo Cosmetics – Parramatta

256 Church Street

Parramatta NSW
(02)9633 1522

Cosmo Cosmetics – Merrylands

Stockland Mall, Merrylands

Cosmo Cosmetics – Hornsby

Pacific Hwy
Hornsby NSW
(02) 9482 4988

Cosmo Cosmetics – Sydney City

Met Centre, George Street