When news of this blush trio by BYS shot into my inbox I was quick to think… a cheaper dupe for the already quite inexpensive Sleek Blush Trio’s?… YEP ON IT! I think I was initially blindsided by the amazing bright colours each trio came in – bright blush…cheap at $6.95AUD a pop.. can be purchased at Kmart at 10pm on a weeknight when I need a makeup fix (Come on, don’t tell me you don’t do that as well?). Ticks all boxes… so far.

So when I was kindly sent one by a lovely PR lass and saw the trio sent over in Heart Skipped A Beat.. well guess what my heart did? CORNY!

When I swatched this trio for the above picture, let’s just say my initial excitement was turning into slight disappointment. Don’t get me wrong the colours are beautiful and pigmented but the finish is chalky. Each individual shade doesn’t have a name so I’ll just go from left-right and call them Shade 1 – 3.

Shade 1 – My favourite shade upon first seeing the trio, however sometimes when your fair and a product is too pigmented, you can look like a clown #firstworldproblems. This was also very chalky, difficult to work with and hard to blend in to look natural. Once I toned it down with some powder it was okay, but it’s not a blush i’ll be reaching for often.

Shade 2 – Super bright, super pigmented and again chalky. Not good at all on my face. At least with Shade 1 I could tone it down.

Shade 3 – Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner! This shade seems to have a bit more shimmer then the other 2 and has a slight “blueish” tone to it. This one is wearable! I like it, a lot in fact. It’s also not as chalky as the other 2 shades which makes it easier to apply & is also not like every other pink/coral toned blush I seem to have in my stash. I wore this on my face in my recent Antipodeans Challenge if you want to see it in action.

I’ve heard from reliable sources (Ange) that BYS blushes are usually a good formula, so maybe I need to try some of their single ones.

This trio comes in a range of shades, but I suggest swatching instore and seeing if they suit you and if you like the formulation before you go and spend your hard earned $6.95.

You can pick up BYS from Gloss Cosmetics stores, Kmart and various other outlets.

P.S. Hurry up and have a sale Crush Cosmetics, I wanna get my mitts on those Sleek Trios!

*Product was provided for my consideration, please read my disclosure policy for further information.


This is a sponsored post for Gloss Cosmetics.

On Saturday I attended the grand opening of the new Gloss Cosmetics store in Parramatta Westfield (Shop 2154, Level 2, Westfield Parramatta).
If you love beauty and accessories, and let’s face it if your reading this blog you probably do! This store is a mecca for both, coming in at at least 4 times the size of the previous Gloss Cosmetics store it’s bright, colourful and full of shiny pretty things. The store is full of affordable brands with something for all budgets. If your a fan of BYS you will find the entire collection here including a whole aisle dedicated to their nail polishes!
One of the amazing new additions to this store is the Gloss Nail Nation nail art they are offering for customers. This will cost you $25 or FREE! If you spend over $50 in store, which really isn’t too difficult….for me anyway. You get to pick any of the 10 designs below which suit all styles and trends at the moment.
The store has an amazing range of gift packs at the moment for Christmas, so why not buy a few pressies and get a manicure while your there? It’s a win win situation for all really :).
 I was lucky enough that at the store opening they were offering a free nail art design by the team from I Scream Nails in Melbourne check out their Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Diana did my nails (who you can see below) and is one of the permanent nail artists at the Parramatta store and she was absolutely lovely! Check me out below getting mah nails did! 
What design do you think I went for? It was a tough choice and since there wasn’t a choice of skulls or studs I went with the cute Watermelon design! My nails look so summery!
One of the other fun things they had at the opening was the first ever Manicam! This was a concept thought up by the Gloss team. Basically your nails walked the red carpet… such a cute idea and so much fun! I had flashbacks of those Yellow Pages ads (let your fingers do the walking). I must say my chubby fingers need a bit of runway practice; but I managed to get a little video of their debut on the red carpet. 
This was only for the launch (sorry guys!) but the lovely people at Gloss did say that it could be touring other stores. I will let you know if I hear anything about that.
I also made a small purchase in store. While I was waiting in line they asked if I could remove my nail polish ready for the nail artist and handed me some nail polish wipes to do it. I was wearing the polish in my last review (China Glaze Ruby Pumps) which is a glitter. The nail polish remover wipes took the colour off, smelt amazing and kind of moisturised my cuticles! The little gem is from Be Yourself (or BYS) and comes in a variety of scents. You get 50 nail polish remover pads for $2.95… getting my own pack was a no brainer! 
So if your around Parramatta Westfield be sure to check out the new Gloss Cosmetics store and have a fun nail art manicure!
If you’d like to read more about Gloss Cosmetics or just stay in touch with them check out the following places – Gloss Cosmetics Website, Twitter & Instagram
Thanks Gloss Cosmetics for inviting me to be a part of this fun event!


Due to my awesome purchase yesterday of new BYS polishes and with the new week ahead I had to change polish colours.

Say Hello to Asteroid… quite an interesting little polish, in the bottle it looks black base with goldy flecks in it. First coat it comes out as a dark chocolate base with goldy flecks. Second coat it seems like a black polish but step into the sun and woah Bronze micro glitter, no not gold….bronze! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! May I also say that this applied like a breeze!

I’m a big fan of polishes that look black until you get super close and see they are in fact something entirely different.

I took a few different shots to try and get the full effect. If you have a range of BYS polishes available to you, get onto this one ASAP!

Photo taken in natural light, without flash

Natural Light, No Flash

Photo Taken in Natural Light, With Flash

Photo taken in natural light, with flash


This is my very first BYS polish, I’ve heard such great things about them on other blogs and with the reasonable price I knew I had to try them out. They are sold in Kmart, The Reject Shop & Gloss Stores. You can also buy them online at Fashion Addict.

Hocus Pocus is a bluey green colour, with a light blue microshimmer. Very pretty and very me! I’m so addicted to any polishes in blues and greens I now need to stop myself buying them when I see them because i’m getting close to duping most of them..ooops!!

The wear of this polish was okay… I did get a couple of chips on the first day but I also know my Seche Vite needs replacing and I think this is part of the problem.

I have photos of course, how odd would a polish post be without pictures! These  don’t show the true true colour, I tried to get it as close as possible but it’s a really hard colour to photograph with my little Sony Cybershot (I need a new digi cam… hello… digi cam fairies?)