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liquid lipstick swatches

When it comes to lipstick I like the formula to be long lasting and matte, this is why liquid lipsticks are one of my favourite beauty products out there. As you can see from the picture above, I’ve tried out quite a few brands (and this isn’t even all of them, just the ones I wanted to mention). So from your budget buys to your more high end I’m going to give you the scoop on each and what I love / don’t love about them.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream RRP $12.95AUD (Shade – Zurich) – These aren’t technically liquid lipsticks but I still wanted to feature them anyway, they are a good starting point if your a bit scared to try the other long lasting liquid lipstick formulas. These are soft & creamy and dry down to be matte. They definitely aren’t long lasting and likely won’t make it past your first cup of coffee in the morning. The colour range is great ranging from nudes to vampy dark purples. Unfortunately the Target Australia stands i’ve seen them at here are always lacking and are never restocked so buying online is probably your best bet. I’m looking forward to trying the new NYX Lip Lingerie range if we ever get it here.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet RRP $24.00AUD (Shade – Pink Pong) – These are one of my favourite drugstore liquid lipstick options. The formula is quite watery and you do need to layer it up but the colour packs a punch (even the nude shade, which I also own) and they are super long lasting. You do need to be a little bit accurate with application because once these dry they are a bit of a pain to get off the skin. I’ve mentioned and swatched this shade before in another post here.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick RRP $29.00AUD (Shade – Androgyny) – I’m loving the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks right now and particularly this shade Androgyny. I find they go on really pigmented and aren’t overly drying on the lips. I’ve heard a few people mention they find the applicator a bit hard to work with but I haven’t had too much issue and just take my time applying it. The range has some pretty cool colours and is worth checking out if you’re after something a little different. I have Doll Parts on my wishlist next which I’ve heard is actually quite a good dupe for Posie in the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.

Australis Velourlips RRP $10.49AUD (Shade – Mi-A-Mee) – I’m pretty sure these were the first matte liquid lipsticks that were made by an Australian company. The shade range is ever growing and they have some pretty cool colours (I would love to see a mauvey brown though). They aren’t my favourite formula of the liquid lipsticks I own but because they are pretty affordable it’s a good way to try out this type of lipstick to see if it suits you. I still really like these and will continue to pick up shades that interest me (especially on sale…Wooo!).

Sugarpill Liquid Lip Colour RRP $18.00USD (Shade – Trinket) –  I’m sorry to do this but this was a limited edition shade that they sold at IMATS LA and one of the things I couldn’t pass up, its a stunning mauvey brown (my typical shade of late) with golden glitter throughout. Yes the glitter transfers on your face but the shade is so beautiful that you really don’t care. I had to mention this because this formula is absolutely amazing, so pigmented, matte but it feels really nice on the lips. Plus it smells like creamsicle which is just everything! I do hope they come out with more shades because you know I’ll be stocking up. I’ll pop up a lip swatch of this at some point just to show how stunning it is.

Lime Crime Velvetines RRP $31AUD (Shade – Utopia) – Even though i’m no longer supporting this brand (just google Lime Crime and tonnes of information about dodgy business practices etc will come up) I did want to mention them here since they were the first liquid lipsticks I really got into. I still love the shade Utopia but I have found a really good dupe in the Australis Velourlips shade Shang-Hi. Now that I’ve tried many other brands as well I’m glad i’ve found better then Lime Crime. However they are still around if you want to try their products.

Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick RRP $6.00USD (Shade – Succulent)  – I frickin LOVE Colourpop, when these got released I’m pretty sure I was daily stalking youtube for swatch videos while compiling a list of what shades to get. Once you order Colourpop it becomes a slight additiction… I constantly have a wishlist for their products! There have been mixed reviews on the matte liquid lipsticks, personally I like the formula but I may have gotten lucky with the shades I own. I find them pigmented and super matte. They are slightly drying but that’s to be expected with this type of lipstick. I’m actually wearing Trap as i’m writing this and it’s been going strong since 7.30am this morning. They have such a large range of colours and more being released all the time. Also, if you want to try and dupe the Kylie Lip Kit’s they have some similar shades, it’s also rumoured her lipsticks were made by Colourpop. Ooooo controversy! If you are ordering from them try and split your order with a friend, that’s what I do since we’re both Colourpop addicts 🙂

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick RRP $30AUD (Shade – Lolita) – I picked up my first Kat Von D liquid lipstick at IMATS LA in January, it’s love. When I bought Lolita I was tossing up between that or Lolita II, you should have seen my order sheet I crossed it out about 3 times before I settled on Lolita. The shade is stunning and right up my alley (apparently it’s always sold out here). Again the formula is great on these they are pigmented, smooth, matte but creamy and last a loooong time. When you apply them they suggest not rubbing your lips together and letting each layer dry completely before adding anymore to get the best application. I’m loving the Kat Von D brand overall at the moment and am keen to add more to my collection.

Do you have a favourite liquid lipstick? One I need to try out? I’m a tad obsessed 🙂


Colourpop Cosmetics Haul ProductsI’ve finally photographed my haul from Colourpop I did a couple of months ago and now i’ve had a good play around with the products can safely say, they are awesome and you need them in your life. The price point is amazing with all the lip products and eyeshadows priced at $5USD and the cheek products priced at $8USD. The only thing you will find is that international shipping is a little on the pricey side. I just checked my order notes and the shipping was $28.30USD for 17 products (I did an order with Ange). The products only took 2 weeks to arrive as well which I think is pretty quick. I am definitely ordering again 🙂

I’ll start with the non-lip products because the lip products make up the majority of my haul.

Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Bandit This is a beautiful rusty brown colour and is a matte eyeshadow. I’ve been applying this with a synthetic brush in my crease and it makes my blue eyes pop. Colourpop do suggest using your fingers with their formula but I find a brush works fine. The texture of these eyeshadows is a little strange as they feel sort of bouncy & creamy yet they finish on the eye in a matte powder finish. I really want to order more of the shadows in my next haul.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheeks in Between The Sheets The cheek products were fairly new when I made my order so I knew I had to try one. I’ve had the Tarte Amazonian Cheek Colour in Exposed on my wishlist for awhile now and thought i’d try and find a dupe of that. A few websites said Between The Sheets is a good alternative. I don’t own Exposed so I can’t compare them side by side but I love this neutral beige-y pink shade and have worn it almost everyday since I got it, not even kidding.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Between The Sheets, Supershock Eye BanditSo the lip products is where I really went a little crazy, my initial list was much much longer but I thought I would cut it down a bit just in case I wasn’t a huge fan of the products. Jury is in and i’m a huge fan! I love the formula’s of both the Lippie Pencils and the Lippie Stix. The Lippie Stix come in a few different types of finishes but I got 4 mattes and 1 satin (which look pretty matte to me anyway). I’ll just do a brief rundown of what I got and their shade descriptions, followed by swatches on the lips.

Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix Swatches

Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix in Tootsi (Matte) – This is one of those newer colours coming in that are kind of grey/beige toned. Honestly, I don’t really think this looks very good on me but I’m glad I tried it out anyway. P.S. I spelt Tootsi wrong in my pictures, I should have consulted the website first. Oops!Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix Tootsi Swatch

Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix in Lumiere (Matte) This is my most worn shade from my haul, it’s very wearable everyday and the colour suits me well. It’s a dusty mauvey pink shade that was a collaboration between Colourpop and KathleenLights. I’m definitely getting the matching lip pencil for this in my next order.Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix Lumiere Swatch

Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix in Flawless (Satin) As you will see with the swatches above, I also have this in the Lippie Pencil which is an exact match for the lip colour. Flawless is described as a deep red violet and I think that’s pretty spot on. It’s quite a bright purple shade that I think just lights up the face. Love it!Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix Flawless Swatch

Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix in LBB (Matte) Ahhhhh this is my favourite from the bunch, and was funnily enough the one I thought would be least interesting. I think this shade is a good dupe for Rebel by MAC, it’s certainly within that shade family. Kind of a deep raspberry shade with a teeny hint of purple. This one is also a stayer! I can wear this for hours without the need for a touch up. It’s very similar to Flawless but does lean more on the red side.Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix LBB Swatch

Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix in Bichette (Matte) Of course I had to add a red to my haul, I decided to go with a darker red shade since we were coming into Winter here I thought i’d get more wear. Plus, I already own so many brighter red shades (I may get one in my next order though). I also got the matching Lippie Pencil with this one because I figured I could use it with some of the reds I already own. Bichette is a stunning deep red and honestly you just need to see it. I wore this out with the Lippie Pencil to my hens night and it didn’t budge!Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix Bichette Swatch

That’s the haul! Now i’m starting to look at the Colourpop Cosmetics website and making a new wishlist… very dangerous!

Have you ordered from Colourpop before or do you think you may?

Also, if you’re interested I did a video on the haul and showed the Lippie Stix being applied if you wanted to have a look.