547136_10151807858756410_1546024019_nThis weeks challenge was “Glitter” and while I was almost going to take the easy route and do a glitter manicure (I actually did do one for Manicure Monday this week if you want to check that out). I thought “NO!” I’m doing these weekly challenges to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone with my makeup.

While the look may not be too “out there”, it’s not something i’d wear up the street to do the shopping.


I started using my favourite glittery product which is the Illamasqua Pigment in Ore, but once I’d blended it into the lid with a couple of shades from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (Bootycall & Tease) the glitter disappeared and I was left with a “shimmer”. This does not fulfil the brief (I totally got that line from my Project Runway obsession!). To bring a little more sparkle to my lids I went to the rarely touched NYX Pigments section of my makeup collection and chose one of the glitters I have in the shade “Gold” and simply wet it and pressed it on top of my black eyeliner (with an awfully done wing… I’m still practicing/perfecting that!).

The rest of my face was using products from my August Makeup Edit, except for the new kid on the block the Maybelline Color Whisper in Mad for Magenta.


It’s no lie i’m a fan of the glitter gradient, sometimes you want a bit of sparkle but not an entire nail and thats when gradients are perfect.

This time i’ve gone a bit different from my normal gradient and worked it from the cuticle downwards…oooooooooooo
For this look I used OPI Samoan Sand and Essence The Huntsman (from the new Snow White & The Seven Dwarves collection). The Huntsman is absolutely beautiful, with different sized gold & bronze glitters and flakies which sometimes flash as green in different lighting. So beautiful! 
OPI Nail Polish retails for RRP $19.95AUD from various department stores and can also be purchased online from Adore Beauty.
Essence is available from Target & Priceline stores nationally. The Huntsman is a limited edition nail polish and retails for RRP $3.95AUD.


I’m slowly working my way through my Sydney International Beauty & Spa Expo haul! 
Today i’m going to show you one of the polishes I picked up from the Nails Inc. stand, Nails Inc. have been a brand on my radar for awhile now and I was super excited to find out they were going to be stocked in Australia! So when I heard they were at the Expo I knew i’d have to make a purchase.
It’s pretty easy to see the inspiration behind this small collection from Nails Inc. 
Source – http://pinterest.com/labotteghilla/ via http://www.hawaiikawaii.net/2011/pink-frosting-cupcake-kawaii-cupcakes/
The Sprinkles collection contains 4 polishes but I only purchased the one that i’m going to show you, however! Being the nice blogger I am here are some great blogs that have swatches (much better then mine as well) of the full collection. Check out A Polish Addict & OMG! Polish Em!
I picked up the colour I thought most looked like a cupcake – Topping Lane, which also almost sounds like Penny Lane (my dogs name!)
It’s basically a whole lotta pink, blue & silver sparkles suspended in a light candy pink polish. This is a 2 coat wonder and the sparkles spread around the nail evenly. With a topcoat on I didn’t find it too gritty like some glitter polishes can be but I have read other peoples reviews that say otherwise. Each to their own I say!
Now be warned, being a glitter, and a dense glitter at that! This is quite a bitch to get off. I’d recommend the foil method to remove this little bugger.
I liked the colour, but I didn’t love it. I know I love a polish when I can’t stop looking at my nails for the days i’m wearing the polish and I didn’t have that reaction with this one 🙁
Anyway have a looksie! Now i’m not sure where they are going to stock Nails Inc but I believe the RRP is going to be around $18.95AUD (which seems to be a stock standard for higher end polishes these days)
Geez I need a manicure something bad!
Full Disclosure – I purchased this polish myself at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo