I’ll start with the Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Come Naturally (available from Priceline & Target for a mere $4.70). I think this may be a limited edition shade but if you scavenge through your local Essence stands you may find one. The shade is one of those soft greigey, mauvey shades that are quite on trend at the moment. The formula is a satin finish and feels hydrating on the lips. I don’t think i’d really call it longlasting but for a lipstick under $5 it does a pretty good job.

After wearing it a few times I thought to myself how amazing would this be as a matte lipstick, so I went about and did a little research on how to transform a lipstick into a matte shade. I then stumbled across the Australis Matte Me Mattifying Lipstick Base (RRP $12.95AUD), I’d seen this in store before and really not given it a second thought, big mistake HUGE. This is awesome, you simply pop this over your lips to matte them out and then apply any lipstick on top and it turns them matte. What is this trickery?


A couple of things to note though – you can do this same thing with baby powder, and i’m pretty sure that is one of the main ingredients in this lipstick, I just think it’s just easier to pop this on the lips underneath the shade you want to matte out. It does also lighten the colour slightly, as well as being slightly drying so make sure before you use it you’ve prepped your lips. The wear time also isn’t as great as from the bullet matte lipsticks, and it doesn’t really work too well with lipsticks that have a glossy/high shine finish, satin formulas seem to work the best.

All these things aside though, this is for sure a game changer!

I’ve also put a couple of swatches of it using some other lipsticks in my collection so you can see what I mean by it working more so for lipsticks with a satin finish. The first lipstick swatch is straight from the bullet, the 2nd swatch is with the Australis Matte Me Mattifying Lipstick Base underneath. From the left the shades used were Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Come Naturally, Face of Australia Lipstick in Malibu Barbie & Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart.


I can’t wait to try this with so many more of my lipsticks! Have you tried it and it worked amazing with any colours? Let me know!


Top 5 Red Lipsticks YouTube Video

Red Lipstick is one of my favourite makeup items to wear, so here I have condensed it down to my top 5 picks. You’ll notice a theme running through my picks that they are all matte, but I personally think red lipstick suits the matte formula more. There are some at the lower end price point and some at the higher so hopefully something for everyone.

Boy, it was hard but I think I managed to pick a good bunch. Have a watch of my video below & subscribe if you’d like to see more!


The Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm’s form part of the Revlon Colorburst Balm range featuring mattes, lacquers and the original kissable balm stains. Being a matte lip lover and loving the original balm stain formula, I knew these would be for me.

My collection started with 2 and very quickly grew to 5. The shades I own are Elusive, Audacious  Unapologetic, Shameless, Striking & Standout; and i’m not going to say there won’t be others joining the pack because I already have my eye on one or two shades more.

All of the balms are beautiful but do require a little bit of lip prep to get them looking nice on the lips which is the case with most matte lippies. I probably could have taken on my own advice when I did these swatches since my lips weren’t in tip top condition as you’ll see.

I will mention the only real problem child in my bunch is unfortunately the amazing purple toned Shameless – the others seem to work really well but this one just applies patchy on me :(. My pick of the bunch is surprisingly one of my newer additions, Striking. It’s such an easy to wear red and quite similar to the discontinued Revlon Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede.

Update – I fail at life and this is why I shouldn’t do my posts late at night, below the picture I’ve marked as Audacious is actually Unapologetic….OOPS! I don’t even own Audacious!

Have you tried the matte balms and what should I pick up next? I’ve looked at the lacquer version as well but none of them really stood out to me.

You can pick these up from all the usual Revlon retailers and keep an eye out for when Chemist Warehouse do 50% off, that’s always a good time to grab a couple.


The current trend in lips seem to be liquid formulas that turn matte and are longlasting. Last year we saw the Rimmel Apocolips release which was one of my favourite lip releases of the year and since then we’ve had everything from high end to drugstore brands bringing out similar versions.

Some of the new ones i’ve tried recently are the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong ($24.00AUD) & Savvy by DB Ultra Matte Lip Colour in Icon & Miss Monroe ($7.99AUD).

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Pink Pong – Such a perfect bright pink, I think a matte bright pink lip is one of the easiest ways to jazz up a look. Even wearing the simplest of makeup a bright pink matte lip is always going to make you look “done”. This one by Bourjois is my current shade for that. The formula on this lipstick is a bit thinner then the versions from Savvy by DB, but it’s easily fixed. Do one coat.. wait til it’s dried and then add another. This baby will stay on your lips well into a coffee and a meal. In terms of dryness, I do recommend doing a bit of lip prep prior to application – a good balm will do the trick. These come in quite a few “on trend” colours so I’m keen to possibly add another to my stash.

Savvy by DB Ultra Matte Lipcolour in Icon & Miss Monroe – Gotta love Priceline (hah! see what I did there?). The in-house brands of Savvy by DB & Models Prefer really bring it in terms of trend items, and for such a good price. I first saw these on Angie‘s instagram (she also did a review on these which you should check out here). When I saw Miss Monroe on her I knew it had to be mine. When I went instore and swatched I also fell head over heels for Icon, a purple pink shade (totally in my list of favourite ever type of lipstick shades). These are a little thicker then the Bourjois offering but they are also a little kinder to the lips. I’ve only so far worn Miss Monroe out and let me tell you… this sucker don’t budge, I literally had to soak 3 cotton pads with makeup remover to get this off my lips and this is after wearing it all day after I did this swatch photo & through dinner and a movie that night. It does however seem to disappear from the middle of my bottom lip so I have to constantly check that and do a sneaky re-apply. That’s what front facing iPhone cameras were made for right?.

Here are the shades on my face, in the order of the swatches above.

Have you tried any of these? Which Bourjois should I pick up next? It’s going to happen next time Priceline have a sale… I’m sure of it 🙂



This past weekend I celebrated my birthday (woo!) and a tradition that I started a few years ago was buying myself a new MAC lipstick to wear on my birthday. I think this started when I was in a MAC love phase but now I find the cheaper brands just as good, if not better. However, I’ve still kept the tradition going though because it’s something I can look forward to planning for on the lead up to my birthday.

So when I perused my local MAC on Saturday I saw they had a tester of Impassioned (This has been on my wishlist FOREVER and I can never find it!). Anyway I asked for it, they searched and it was out of stock (boo 🙁 ). Without hesitation I asked if they had Ruby Woo, it has also been on my wish list and the fact it’s a matte shade (and I’m loving matte’s at the moment) it was always going to be my 2nd choice.

I get home with my new purchase and get ready to go out for the night, upon first swipe I knew this is the perfect red for me and a shade I think could possibly even become my “signature” shade (big call!). It was love. The formula is amazing, it’s a non drying matte. The staying power trumps and the colour is just beautiful.  I can’t say enough good things!