Last week Priceline held their 40% off makeup sale and I hauled. This time around I decided to get onboard and order my small stash online, thankfully I don’t work near a Priceline so it was impossible for me to get to a store… I’d imagine my haul would be triple the size if I got to actually swatch everything. Here’s what I picked up –

Savvy Perfect Pout Lipstick Kit RRP $10.00AUD (Sale Price $6.00AUD)

I’m thinking of doing a swatch fest with these on the weekend, I had a little play with them swatching them on my hand and there are some really cool and on trend colours in this 10 piece set. I’m a bit iffy on the formula but i’ll give them a try. Such a great present for someone who is getting into makeup and not sure about what lipstick shades to wear or are scared to try a bold lip. This set covers all bases!

Savvy Mineral Baked Eyeshadow in Ocean Water RRP $8.99AUD (Sale Price $2.69)

I don’t know what went through my mind when I added this to my cart, I honestly think the picture next to the shade name was a neutral… This is so not me. Luckily it was cheap because I sure regret this one.

Australis AC/ME Metallic Finish Eyeshadow in Bronzonce RRP $7.95AUD (Sale Price $4.77)

I wanted to pick this up the first time I swatched it, not sure why I didn’t but when I went back it was sold out. The formula is a cream consistancy and it is such a gorgeous rose gold bronzey colour, I can’t wait to get this on my lids. It’s suuuuuuper glittery though so might just be a night time option…. or not.

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation in Shade W3 RRP $33.95AUD (Sale Price $20.37)

I’ve had this foundation on my radar for quite some time and after loving the True Match foundation but finding it not always the best fit for my dehydrated skin I thought it was time to finally try the more hydrating, glowy formula of the Lumi Magique. When I opened this the other day and saw the colour I thought it was going to be way to dark. Turns out it’s perfect! I have a bit more colour at the moment so maybe in the wintertime i’ll need to revisit my shade but so far so good. I’m liking this foundation and will definitely continue to use it.

Models Prefer Tri Precision Lash Liner RRP $12.99AUD (Sale Price $7.79)

I’ve never seen this in store and was keen to try it because it’s something very different. I’ve seen versions of this type of eyeliner with the 3 pronged tip to dot between the lashes. I haven’t had a play with this yet but if you’d like a review let me know.

While I was writing this and referring back to my original order email to get the sale prices I paid I realised that one of the products I ordered didn’t arrive. I also ordered the Models Prefer Finale Finishing Spray but it wasn’t in my package. I’ll be emailing Priceline to follow this up and hopefully they can post it out to me soon (I’ve been looking forward to trying that).

Thanks for reading if you made it this far and let me know what you picked up in the sale if you got anything. I’d love to know!


Welcome to my my first ever L’Oreal lip product!

I’m not going to lie, I picked this up mainly because the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, it’s so luxe looking for a drugstore product.

L’Oreal say that the Colour Riche Extraordinaire (ugh I hope I don’t have to type that too many times) isn’t a lipstick or gloss it’s a bit of a liquid lipstick hybrid bringing in the best of both worlds. The smooth feel of a balm but the pigment of a glossy lipstick, honestly i’d put it in the lip gloss basket. While it does feel nice on the lips and while it is a little sticky it’s certainly not uncomfortable to wear. On that note, wear time isn’t the greatest which is also why I’d call it more of a gloss.

The colour selection wasn’t too big but most of the colours in the range are on trend. I went with the punchy pink of Rose Symphony.

I’m not usually a lip gloss girl, but this has been used quite a bit lately. It’s one of those great don’t need a mirror to apply colours and the pink is punchy enough to brighten up my face.

Coming in at a price point in of $21.95AUD it’s a little on the pricey side for a drugstore lip product. I managed to pick mine up on a 30% off at Priceline (woo!).

Mind the face lol I was in torrential rain and had a long day at the Spa & Beauty expo before this shot was taken 🙂



I’m going to try and do this kind of post more often, a bit of a quick one noting down some initial thoughts on some products that are in my “on trial” basket at home. They may get a more indepth review at a later stage, feature in a favourites or disappointing products (eep!) and hopefully empties!

L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection BB Cream RRP $24.99AUD – The Skin Perfection range is new to the L’Oreal skincare lineup, featuring magpie inducing pink packaging the range is aimed at those in their 20’s. While i’m not so much in my 20’s anymore I was drawn to the packaging and the images of Blake Lively gracing the stand (she’s gorgeous isn’t she!).

I’ve only given this one shot so far, mainly because I like to use BB creams on the weekend when I’m just hitting up the shops or running the usual domestic errands. The coverage is light (to be expected with a BB cream) and it felt hydrating enough for my skin. I did add a bit of powder to keep things in place and give a tad more coverage. So far this is a good-un but like mentioned before will mostly only be bought out on weekends when i’m doing the no makeup, makeup thing.

Face of Australia High Definition Primer RRP $13.95AUD – My love of the original FOA Face Base Primer has been well documented on my blog and youtube channel. So when this new one hit the shelves and my current tube of primer was nearing the end I thought I’d try it out. I mean HD means I should look flawless right? I’m on the fence about this one and think it needs some more trialling before I come to a decision about it. I will mention if you do try this out remember to shake the tube each time before use, I made that mistake yesterday and it was a runny mess. Also try not to use too much product, I made this mistake on my first use and my foundation balled up and looked very very average. It reminds me a lot of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (for reference, I did not get along with this primer at all). If you’re a fan of that this might be up your alley. To be continued…


I will admit, I am a complete sucker when it comes to the marketing of products so when I saw the new L’Oreal Perfect Clean in a big display out front of my local Priceline I was intrigued.

What intrigued me so much was the little scrubber pad that seemed to be attached to it, which from my research is actually called a “Scrublet”, I’m also a sucker for gadgets and this really is a skincare gadget.

This product comes in 3 varieties – Detoxifying Foaming Gel for Normal to Combination Skin, Clean for Dry & Sensitive Skin, Gentle Apricot Scrub for all skin types.

I bought the pink one which is the Clean version for Dry & Sensitive Skin to try out. The Scrublet is meant to help deep clean your skin right into the pores for me personally I found it a little pointless and it didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary. It was also a little hard to work around the nose and anywhere that isn’t a complete smooth surface. The cleanser itself is quite thick and I felt like I needed to wash my face again afterwards as it still felt like I had product on my face even after i’d washed it off.

Having said that, I do think this might work a little better with the scrub product and I may try that at a later date (if I see it on special)

Final Thoughts – I wouldn’t repurchase this product, and I don’t think it’ll be something that will sneak it’s way into my everyday skincare routine either. It just didn’t do anything for me and seems a little gimmicky more then anything else.

Product Info – You can buy this from major Supermarkets & Priceline for a RRP of $12.95 but I suggest keeping an eye out for when it’s on special.