Just a quick note before I get into this post, yesterday I decided to not post a Blogmas Day 15 post. As you may or may not know I live in Sydney, Australia and yesterday the entire city/country experienced a terrifying and horrific event that ended tragically early this morning. I felt it wasn’t the right thing to sit on here and do a blog post which in the scheme of things is so meaningless. My thoughts go out to all of those involved and the families and friends who lost a loved one.

Onto the post for today –

I’ve had my eye on the Stila Eyes Are The Window palettes for quite some time, and when Black Friday rolled around BeautyBay had an unmissable sale which ended with me picking up these 2 items for a pineapple ($50 if you’re not in Australia ūüôā ).

I ended up purchasing the Anatasia Brow Wiz in Taupe, which FYI lives up to the hype and then some. I also chose the Soul palette from the Eyes Are The Window range, mainly because it contains my favourite eyeshadow shade of all time “Kitten”. It also has a mix of matte and shimmer shades, where the other palettes looked they were either exclusively matte or shimmer. I’ve never tried Stila’s matte shades so i’ll be keen to see how they perform. Again, I was drawn to the packaging it is absolutely stunning cased in a 2 toned gold and rose gold compact with a huge mirror; it’s one of those compacts you want to get out in front of people because it is so beautiful.

The shades from the top are Light, Individual, Being, Kitten, Affection, Character, Thought, Heart, Peace, Vitality, Substance & Essence.

I haven’t had a chance to do any makeup looks with the palette yet so I can’t really comment on the wear of the shadows¬†but I have used Stila shadows in the past and loved the formula. I noticed when I watched that the shade “Character” is a little sheer and has quite chunky glitter. ¬†I also thought “Thought” lol swatched beautifully and can see this as one of those all over the lid, blend out, done shades. I did take a photo of my not great swatches for you as well.

You can pick up the Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette in Soul from Mecca Cosmetica for $68AUD or BeautyBay for $47.40AUD (at time of posting).

Anastasia Brow Wiz retails in Australia for $34.00AUD @ Sephora or again from BeautyBay for $19.50AUD (at time of posting).


If you live in Australia you’d know the amount we pay for MAC makeup is ridiculous, especially considering how much cheaper it is in the States. I decided to do this little haul as a birthday present to myself (or from my dogs, which is how I justified it).

I used a mail forwarding company called Ship It To and they were fantastic! You don’t actually pay them any fee’s (I think they may be included in the shipping price though). They have multiple US addresses you can ship your products to, and they give you a huge range of shipping options once your package reaches the warehouse and they all vary in price.

The process was so smooth and easy that i’ll definitely be using them in the future with my other purchases, they also provide an assisted shopping service as well for stores that don’t accept Australian payments (cough cough Sephora).

Now to get to the MAC online store, even if you put maccosmetics.com it will default to the .au Australian store, when it does this just delete the .au and you’ll be in the US site. As for payment options I actually used my PayPal account and added in the US address given to me by Shipito so I had no issues with them not accepting my payment. ¬†Also it’s free shipping from MAC to the US address so you don’t need to worry about that as an additional cost.

My goodies!

I picked up a 15 pan palette & insert, 5 eyeshadows from top – Satin Taupe, All That Glitters, Patina, Soft Brown, Wedge, 3 lipsticks – Rebel, Patisserie, Impassioned (finally!!). I also received a free mini sample of the Zoom Lash Mascara.

The Savings… I’m sure this is the bit you’re most interested to hear about right? This is a breakdown of the cost in US dollars along with a conversion, and the Australian prices.

MAC Pro Palette Large$8.00$30.00
MAC Pro Palette Eyeshadow x 15 Insert $2.00$15.00
MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette Refill Pan - All That Glitters$10.00$26.00
MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette Refill Pan - Soft Brown$10.00$26.00
MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette Refill Pan - Patina
MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette Refill Pan - Wedge$10.00$26.00
MAC Eyeshadow Pro Palette Refill Pan - Satin Taupe$10.00$26.00
MAC Lipstick - Patisserie$16.00$36.00
MAC Lipstick - Rebel$16.00$36.00
MAC Lipstick - Impassioned$16.00$36.00
Shipping to Australia via Shipito$38.83FREE
CONVERSION TO $AUD$181.48AUD (approx)$309.00AUD

That’s a whopping total savings of $127.52!

Keep in mind $ conversions etc are at the time of me writing this post and may change at any time. However, i’m sure you can see the benefit.

I’m sure i’ll still visit the MAC counters here to swatch goodies and occasionally buy the one off product but I think seeing how great the savings are ordering from the US it’s how i’ll be doing my shopping from now on.

I also did a quick video on YouTube showing my haul if you’d like to have a squizz at that as well.



I recently added to my brush stash with this set off Ebay, looking very similar to the Sigmax Collection and various other brush sets i’ve noticed around the interwebs, the cheap price ($13.15 and free postage) lured me in. ¬†You can check out the Ebay seller I used here.¬†Just note the price could be different with exchange rates.

The collection includes 5 Synthetic Kabuki style face brushes and 5 eye brushes, you can also choose from a variety of handle colours. I picked the white because I didn’t have any white brushes in my collection and I think they look kinda cool.

So far i’ve only used 2 of the face brushes, the flat top kabuki & round top kabuki. Comparing these to my Real Techniques Buffing Brush that I use on a daily basis, well they are okay. If you’re new to makeup and building up a collection of brushes they certainly do the job. I just found that they kind of “ate” my foundation and I felt like I needed to use more then I would normally use.

In the eye brush offering i’ve only used the round eye brush, and used it similarly to how I use my Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush – to blend in my concealer. It does a good job and is very comparable to the Real Techniques version.

As mentioned before, this is a great set (and a bargain) for a beginner or if you’re just looking to beef up your brush stash with a few different types of face/eye brushes. I don’t regret my purchase and look forward to giving the angled brushes in both face and eye sets a whirl with my contour application.

I also spied a set on ebay identical to the Real Techniques brushes as well, let me know if you’d like me to grab these to do a comparison.

Brushes purchased by me off Ebay


Photo Source: Urban Decay (http://www.urbandecay.com)

I’m sure you’ve heard the news of Urban Decay releasing the Naked 3 palette and i’m sure you’re wanting to get your hands on one. Since Urban Decay isn’t stocked in Australia and we can’t order directly from them (or Sephora for that matter) it makes it a bit harder for us Aussies to pick one of these babies up.

Today I found a site that you can pre-order the Urban Decay Naked 3 from.  A UK based online store called Look Fantastic, Other amazing news is that they also have free shipping to Australia! I found site through one of my fave UK bloggers ViviannaDoesMakeup.

So the deal is you can pre-order with stock expected to be released on the 21st December (I know, a long wait but i’m sure it’s worth it!). The price is¬†¬£37.00 which at the time of writing this translated to around $66AUD. ¬†(I’ve pre-ordered mine!).

I’ve never shopped through this website before, so I am kind of taking a gamble but I checked out reviews and they seem very positive. If you’re a bit wary of using a different site I’m sure if you keep your eye on Beauty Bay that they will be stocking it as well.

If you want to see some swatches of the new UD Naked 3 check out the following posts from Temptalia & XSparkage.


Okay so quite an aggressive title there but if you want to try out these fragrances you will need to be quick. You see Lush let their lovely forumites choose their favourite scents to be turned into a small collection of fragrances to be released online for 2 days only.
Source – Lush Australasia Facebook
First off, the date in the picture here from the facebook is different to what is on the website. On the website it says they are available from 7PM on the 17TH OF MAY.  
The scents they have released in this collection are the following (scent descriptions taken from Fragrantica, The Perfumed Court or Lush) –
Big –¬†Big¬†is a fresh, tropical scent of the beach, made as an imitation of the popular¬†Big¬†shampoo as a part of the¬†Lush¬†Forum limited collection for the holiday season of 2010. The fragrance features notes of mandarin, neroli, orange blossom and vanilla.

Twilight¬†–¬†Twilight¬†perfume was created as a tribute to the beauty moment between day and night, glittering stars and purple – pink – orange sky. The fragrance is sexy and anti stressful at the same time, made of lavender, ylang-ylang and tonka bean notes. It belongs to the¬†Lush¬†Forum limited collection for the holiday season of 2010.

The Comforter –¬†Lush The Comforter is a limited edition 2009 Lush perfume, made special from the UK Forum Fragrance Party.¬† This cannot be purchased from their website nor from any stores.¬†The cypress and bergamot oils in this perfume soothe skin while cassis adds a mysterious and seductive aroma.

Creamy Candy¬†Sweet, frothy and fluffy bubbles that smell like custard creams. What a delight it is to have a bath in the equivalent of a cup of vanilla flavoured, frothy, hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. The Creamy Candy bath is like the friend you’re always delighted to see, because he bubbles over with cheerfulness no matter what life throws at him. For days when your friend is busy, it’s time to indulge in some Creamy Candy.

Snowcake¬†–¬†Snowcake¬†is warm and sophisticated sweet smell of marzipan, cuddly and warm during the harsh winter. Irresistible marzipan – almond scent is caused by the combination of rose, cassis and benzoin. The fragrance is an imitation of the famous¬†Lush¬†Snowcake¬†soap as a part of the Forum limited collections for holiday season 2010.

Rose Jam The beautiful fragrance used in our Rose Jam bubbleroon and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner has been voted by our customer forum as the one they wanted most as a liquid perfume. The Rose Jam fragrance is light, fresh and modern, with a hint of lemon and sexy geranium oil.
I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of the Creamy Candy perfume to trial and i’ve been wearing it this past week. I chose this because I felt it was the closest smelling to Snow Fairy which if that was available I would buy 395839532 bottles of. Creamy Candy is similar but definitely not an absolute match :(.
This may just be with this particular scent but when you use this fragrance go at it with a light hand as it’s very very strong and overpowering. It’s also long lasting on the skin and the scent didn’t really change from the bottle to being on my skin. I think this bottle will last me quite awhile because I find one spray on one pulse point (your pick!) of this is enough.
To purchase head to the Lush Website and don’t forget it’s this weekend only!
I would love to know if you pick up any of the scents and what you think… I’m tempted to also get The Comforter.
*Product was provided for my consideration, please read my disclosure policy for more details.