The Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Palette (RRP $15.00AUD) was on my radar as soon as I first saw it in the Priceline catalogue awhile ago.. After many weeks of stalking any Priceline I came across and having no luck finding it anywhere, I decided to buy it online.

Kudos Priceline! Your online store is awesome, with a fast turnaround you better believe I’ll be hitting it up next time there is a 40% off makeup sale!

You may think wow that palette looks familiar… well yep it’s definitely “inspired” by the Too Faced Bon Bons Palette from a few years back. I never picked that one up so I can’t do a comparison for you, Sorry!. The palette contains 12 neutral toned shadows, a double ended volumising mascara & brow gel and a eyeshadow primer.

The shadows in this palette are okay… not fantastic. Some are quite pigmented and lovely to work with, however some don’t even show up (sweetened, innocent & adorable i’m looking at you!). I swatched these using the Eyeshadow Primer that comes in the box, I’m not a huge fan of this primer and much prefer my Urban Decay Primer Potion and don’t think I’ll bother using this one again.

I did a look using the shadows which I filmed for YouTube, the video also includes a giveaway!. If you would like the chance to win this palette you will need to watch my video below (best to open it in YouTube so you get all the conditions of entry etc).



It feels like BB creams are the new black, every brand is bringing out their version of these creams from skincare to makeup brands. I’ve only ever tried 2, the first being the Garnier Miracle Perfector Cream which I wasn’t a huge fan of.

I’ve never really tried any Models Prefer products so thought this might be a good product to start with.
This is what the description says – “Primes: conceals imperfections, refines pore appearance and helps control oil. Enhances: smooths and evens skin tone for a flawless finish. Protects: promotes healthy skin with UV repair system and SPF protection.

Refine pores. Evens complexion. Boosts hydration. Controls oil. SPF protection. Healthy glow. Wear alone or under foundation for more coverage. Oil free, paraben free, fragrance free, D5 Free.” (Source: http://www.priceline.com.au).

The SPF of this product isn’t noted on the packaging I have contact a PR for Models Prefer and will update this if they get back to me with an answer.

This BB Cream comes in 2 shades – Light or Medium. Being so sheer it’s not a huge deal if the shades don’t match your complexion entirely. I purchased Light and it matched my skin quite well. You will find a lot of the BB Creams are quite yellow based as well, so keep that in mind when skin matching.

The coverage on this BB Cream is definitely light/sheer. It even says on the packaging you could use it as a base for your foundation for more coverage, but personally I like this kind of product for the weekends when i’m not wanting to do a full face of makeup but want to try and hide some of my skin imperfections. I also set it with a powder to make it last a little longer and provide me with a tad more coverage. I found it covered up my redness a little bit but it was still noticeable until I put the rest of my face on. I could have used a concealer, but to be honest I couldn’t be bothered.
I find this product sinks in really nicely and provides my skin with some moisture, which is what my skin needs as it is quite dry. In terms of reducing pores I didn’t really see a difference and I’ve only been using this BB Cream for a week so can’t really comment on any long term skin advantages.
I have shown in the picture below the BB Cream in action on my face, also check out my YouTube video to see me applying it.
It’s a nice product for an affordable price. Models Prefer have another BB Cream out in their skincare line which i’m not 100% sure if it is the same product or not. The packaging is quite different but the price is the same.

You can purchase the Models Prefer All In One BB Cream from Priceline stores & Priceline Online for RRP $12.99AUD.


It’s no secret I love pampering, and what better time to pamper yourself then on a Sunday night before another long working week. I also find Sunday nights a good time to trial some products out, in particular products that I can do one use and review like masks etc.

So what did I do this Sunday? I decided to give myself a hair mask and a face mask both at the time time… say whaaaat Multi-Tasking baby!

Let’s talk the Wondercap. I’m sure you’ve read about this on a few blogs, I sure have and now it’s my turn to give you my thoughts on it.

Basically what it is, is a heat pack for your head. It’s a gel packed cap which you heat up in the microwave for 90seconds and then pop on your head with the treatment conditioner provided or your own if you prefer.

Do you remember ever going to the salon and getting a treatment put on your hair and sitting in one of these –

This is a similar idea, the heat from the cap making the treatment sink deeper into your hair… Great, Good, Wonderrrrcap!

So my experience of it – The first time I used it I used the Guardian Angel Intensive Treatment Conditioner that came with it… Okay i’m going to be honest and tell you that when I used it with the provided treatment it did absolutely nothing for my hair, in fact I had to condition it again afterwards with my regular conditioner. However, last night I used it along with my Pantene 3 minute miracle conditioner ($7.99AUD for 3) and it worked wonders! Today my hair feels soft and silky and I almost feel like I could be swishing it about like they do on tv. So basically, love the cap but don’t like the conditioner provided with it. I did also find the cap a little heavy on my head but since you only have it on for 3-5 mins it’s definitely bearable.

You can purchase the Wondercap for $49.95AUD from various locations including some Shaver Shop stores, Ry.com and wondercap.com.au

As for the goop on my face. I decided to use a face mask and I went with one i’ve had sitting in my drawer for awhile begging to be reviewed! It was the Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure refining mask with Strawberry & Yarrow. This smelt like I was slapping Strawberry Yoghurt on my face, it also stung a little. I don’t really think it did much for my skin although my blackheads seemed to be a little reduced and it didn’t dry out my skin like I thought it might. I think this would be more suited to a younger skin with acne issues, but for $1.99AUD for a sachet it was worth the try. You can get this at Priceline.

My camera battery ran out when I went to take product pics, so here is a snazzy one I took on my iphone instead.

Please note the Wondercap was sent to me for review.


On a little Saturday shop with Jade Musing, I picked up this mask to give a go. I knew I would be home that night and thought i’d treat myself with a little face mask (even though I have a ton still at home to use up….oh well)

We were going through the Aptiva stand at Priceline (yep it’s a new range stocked there!) and thought about our troubles, mine being dehydration so I picked a mask in that catagory and went with Honey because well… Honey smells good!

So this mask is unlike any mask i’ve tried before, it’s a very creamy/wet mask. It doesn’t tighten on your face like i’m used to with masks so I could still easily sing along to Karaoke Box on MTV while it was doing it’s magic. It smells great! The scent even lingers on awhile after you’ve removed the mask.

Did it do it’s job? At first I thought no…. but then as the night wore on I noticed my skin was feeling very soft and looked super glowy! Yay winner!

You can buy this mask for a pack of 2 sachets (very handy indeed) for around $7.50 at Priceline.

Like how I managed to take this on a whirlwind tour to NY on the weekend, that’s the Brooklyn Bridge and me and my mask!

Okay Okay it may just be my shower curtain 🙂


Firstly… I know it’s colour…. but for search terms etc when referring to these lipsticks i’ll have to use color.

So one thing I noticed when seeing looks from NYFW (New York Fashion Week of course darlings!) and you know I was there right next to Anna…. no not really but lets pretend I was. One of the big trends was a bright lip and for us Aussies going into the warmer weather a bright lip is perfect!

Fendi Spring 2011 (image taken from style.com)

I’ve said it before i’m kinda new to the whole lipstick thing, being such a lipgloss girl for so long i’ve only found my true love of a great lippie in the past year. I’m also not that experimental either, always sticking for neutrals and muted colours….. that’s changed a little… I will declare it before each and everyone of you (5 people or so who read my blog haha) I LOVE A BRIGHT LIP! It makes you look more awake, makes you stand out and just looks awesome.

I was in my home away from home the other day… aka Priceline and wandering through the aisles looking for something fabulous to share with you all. I stumbled upon one of my favourite range of lipsticks (Maybelline Color Sensational) with a 2 for 1 offer. YAY!. So into my shopping basket I popped Pink Me Up which i’ve been lusting after for awhile and went away merrily swatching finding another colour to get. This is where I found Coral Crush…. It’s a perfect spring colour pop shade! It’s quite sheer so you can layer it on lightly or go for a more dramatic look with a few layers (my pictures are a few layers). It’s not too bright that it looks like you’ve slapped some fluro zinc cream onto your lips but it just has that amazing pop of colour that is begging to be worn right now and coming into summer.

These lipsticks retail for $16.95AUD but I believe the 2 for 1 offer is still on until Thursday. I just checked the Priceline catalogue and next week they have $3 off Maybelline products. FYI Rimmel have a 2 for 1 lipstick offer next week too….so I may check those out too 🙂