A few months ago while wandering around my local shopping centre I noticed a big.. “MECCA MAXIMA COMING SOON” sign. First thing I did was tweet about it and then waited patiently for it to open. Finally Mecca Maxima opened in Parramatta Westfield in October (Level 4, next to one of my favourite stores T2 … seriously? just take all my money!)

The store is big, bright, shiny and reminded me of a mini Sephora. The thing I liked best in the store was the mini versions of products – I love minis because you can try something out before committing the cash to a full size that may not work out for you.

So what did I buy?

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub (RRP $18.95AUD) – This stuff smells amazing. I sometimes find myself just sniffing it in the bathroom even when i’m not using it. If you enjoy foodie smells this smells like pancakes and maple syrup and yum. Yep yum is a scent description :). I’ve never been a real fan of body scrubs but this is just lovely the “scrub” part is fine enough that it doesn’t irritate my skin and the smell… Honestly go sniff it if you can!.

Korres Wild Rose Brightening & Line Smoothing Serum (RRP $79.95AUD) – Okay I don’t usually splurge.. I’m very much a get me the cheapest option girl but i’ve been after a skincare option at night that does a little more then plain old Rosehip Oil. I was introduced to this by the sales assistant at Mecca Maxima and i’m really loving it. My skin feels so hydrated after using it. The fact I can also use it around my eyes as a treatment is a winner, i’m the queen of forgetting eye cream (something I can’t afford to do in my 30’s). I’ve been using it at night under plain old Vitamin E cream and then sometimes in the morning if my skin is feeling/looking a little blah and dull.

Soap & Glory Hand Food Mini (RRP $5.95AUD) – CULT PRODUCT! I love this hand cream. I purchased this mini version to leave in my bedroom at my parents new house. I already own a full size of this that sits on my bedside table at home. Smells amazing, dries quickly and is really hydrating. Actually… I think I need another for my desk at work.

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray Mini (RRP $16.00AUD) – This is ridiculously priced at $44.00 for a full size and it’s been on my wishlist for awhile. I’m currently loving “Big Bouncy Hair” and I purchased this to add into my current routine to see if it gives more oomph to my flat fine hair. I’m really liking the results so far but i’m glad I only bought the small version. I only wash my hair twice a week and don’t really seem to finish off styling products too quickly (unless it’s dry shampoo… I go through tons of that stuff). I think I’ll be doing a hair routine post or video soon explaining how I get the “Big Bouncy Hair” lol.

I also received a goodie bag with a few mini products in it for spending over $60… The contents aren’t really worth mentioning and the deal is now over anyway.

Can you suggest anything I must check out at Mecca Maxima? I have my eye on some of the NARS Christmas things and the Hourglass Lip Lacquers.. they are soooo gorgeous!.

You can buy these products in store or online at


This is a sponsored post for Gloss Cosmetics.

On Saturday I attended the grand opening of the new Gloss Cosmetics store in Parramatta Westfield (Shop 2154, Level 2, Westfield Parramatta).
If you love beauty and accessories, and let’s face it if your reading this blog you probably do! This store is a mecca for both, coming in at at least 4 times the size of the previous Gloss Cosmetics store it’s bright, colourful and full of shiny pretty things. The store is full of affordable brands with something for all budgets. If your a fan of BYS you will find the entire collection here including a whole aisle dedicated to their nail polishes!
One of the amazing new additions to this store is the Gloss Nail Nation nail art they are offering for customers. This will cost you $25 or FREE! If you spend over $50 in store, which really isn’t too difficult….for me anyway. You get to pick any of the 10 designs below which suit all styles and trends at the moment.
The store has an amazing range of gift packs at the moment for Christmas, so why not buy a few pressies and get a manicure while your there? It’s a win win situation for all really :).
 I was lucky enough that at the store opening they were offering a free nail art design by the team from I Scream Nails in Melbourne check out their Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Diana did my nails (who you can see below) and is one of the permanent nail artists at the Parramatta store and she was absolutely lovely! Check me out below getting mah nails did! 
What design do you think I went for? It was a tough choice and since there wasn’t a choice of skulls or studs I went with the cute Watermelon design! My nails look so summery!
One of the other fun things they had at the opening was the first ever Manicam! This was a concept thought up by the Gloss team. Basically your nails walked the red carpet… such a cute idea and so much fun! I had flashbacks of those Yellow Pages ads (let your fingers do the walking). I must say my chubby fingers need a bit of runway practice; but I managed to get a little video of their debut on the red carpet. 
This was only for the launch (sorry guys!) but the lovely people at Gloss did say that it could be touring other stores. I will let you know if I hear anything about that.
I also made a small purchase in store. While I was waiting in line they asked if I could remove my nail polish ready for the nail artist and handed me some nail polish wipes to do it. I was wearing the polish in my last review (China Glaze Ruby Pumps) which is a glitter. The nail polish remover wipes took the colour off, smelt amazing and kind of moisturised my cuticles! The little gem is from Be Yourself (or BYS) and comes in a variety of scents. You get 50 nail polish remover pads for $2.95… getting my own pack was a no brainer! 
So if your around Parramatta Westfield be sure to check out the new Gloss Cosmetics store and have a fun nail art manicure!
If you’d like to read more about Gloss Cosmetics or just stay in touch with them check out the following places – Gloss Cosmetics Website, Twitter & Instagram
Thanks Gloss Cosmetics for inviting me to be a part of this fun event!


I’m a nosy parker and love these sorts of posts! Here is some new stuff i’ve recently bought or in the case of one item been given 🙂
So what are all these new shiny things!
Pastel Pink Skinny Jeans – Kmart RRP $15.00 – That is not a typo, and that isn’t even on sale…that’s the full price! There are also a light blue pair and a mint pair… I WANT THEM ALL! The colour is actually called Fairyfloss….DYING OF CUTENESS! They also have these cute little cuffs on the hem and are the perfect length for me (being a shorty). 
Ulta3 Magnetic Nail Polish in Spellbound – RRP $5.00 – Finally found these in my local Soul Patterson chemist, they were hiding behind the counters. I just got one to try out and will certainly do a blog post on this. They only had 3 colours (not entirely sure how many are in the range?) and you can also buy additional magnets for $3.00 each for different effects.
Face of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons – RRP $14.95 – This is FOA’s version of the Clinique Chubby Stick, while I don’t own any of those I thought these were too cheap to pass up. Bloody hard to find but eventually went all the way to Canberra and picked them up (I didn’t go to Canberra specifically for the lipsticks!) Review coming shortly, I’ve done swatches and everything…good blogger I am!
Foxy Bag – Ebay – $10.99 (including postage) – I get so many comments on this little bag, and I get why it’s adorable! I originally heard about these from one of my favourite YouTuber’s Sprinkle of Glitter and when I saw how cheap they were, it was no question I needed one! This is the seller I got mine from – 
Diva Rose Gold Watch – $29.95 – My lovely mum got me this, she knew i’d been into Diva about 5 million times looking for one and she found one on her travels, yay mum! This is an absolute copy of the Michael Kors/Marc Jacobs man style rose gold watches. I wanted one of the “real” ones for my birthday but always being a silver girl I wasn’t sure i’d love rose gold on me so I got this as a try out until then… well basically I love it so I think the real version will be on my wishlist come September!
Last but not least, I got this album today. I absolutely adore Motion City Soundtrack and their last album My Dinosaur Life was my favourite album of 2010..hands down! This is their new offering called “Go”. I’m on my first listen now and I generally make my decisions about what I think of an album after 3 listens, its my weird rule i’ve always had. However, so far so good! 
If you like cheery pop rock with a tiny bit of punk influence, definitely check out Motion City Soundtrack. Their songs make me smile 🙂


I haven’t done a Link Love post in eons… actually I think my last one was way back in January 2011..A YEAR AGO!! I typically did them on Fridays and was actually planning to get this up on Friday but hey I had social commitments 😛

The good news is i’m fully caught up in my google reader so have managed to put together a little list of blog posts i’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks!


This is a bit of an upsetting one but one of my favourite bloggy gals Jacie from You’ve Got Nail is shutting up shop for awhile, she is an amazing asset to the Australian blogging community and it’ll be sad not seeing her updates every week but she works so hard and sometimes taking a break is for the best. However give her some love as she is keeping the blog open so we still have access to all her wonderful and witty posts.

Jess from All I Want Is Everything has a NARS blush collection so drool worthy it makes me want to go on a major NARS shopping spree! She has kindly swatched her collecti0n so go have a squizz, don’t blame me though if you end up buying a few. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries has made us a list of 11 Online Beauty Stores we need to check out! Are your pockets burning yet?

Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous lets everyone know what it’s like being a beauty blogger, it ain’t all champagne and lipsticks 😛

Jen from The Nail Polish Project & my fellow Pro Nail Supply shopper does an amazing lightning bolt tape manicure,  I love the colours she’s used!

Tegan from Tegania’s Thoughts rocks some awesome Lime Crime lipsticks, I think the red is her colour, do you agree?

Chelle from Cosmetic Cupcake is awesome… full stop! Check out this amazing lace manicure she did, I reckon this would be awesome to rock at a Burlesque club!

Sarah from Dempeaux shows us how to do wing eyeliner, I’ve been practicing and I think I ALMOST have it down pat thanks to this tutorial!

Now for some photos etc I’ve been liking all around the place (all photos have been snatched from either my tumblr or pinterest)

A couple of songs i’m loving right now –


And lastly… something I’m lusting after, I want a rose gold watch!



IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show) hit Sydney again this weekend. Being the makeup lover (not artist) I am I attended, yep you can go even if you don’t do makeup for a living!

I went early to get in as soon as doors opened because I had a purpose… OCC LIP TARS!! I scouted out where they would be and knew they’d be my first stop, they were, I purchased and I knew the day was going to be great.

I then looked around at all the other stalls. So many exciting things to be seen especially the cool Special Effect makeup stuffs, I don’t think i’d look too normal going to work with a big scar or some blood on me…so I didn’t buy from them but it was awesome seeing all the stuff that makes the stuff in movies look so realistic.

After I finished my shopping and had a look at everything (twice… IMATS Sydney isn’t too big so you can get around and look at everything pretty quickly) I went and watched Enkore Makeups little talk about brushes, check out his youtube channel it’s really great! The great tip I learnt from this was when applying your lipstick with a brush, do one swipe in one direction as it will ensure the product gets into all the cracks and crevices of your lips!

Then I went to watch Nicole Thompson from MAC do her thing, she did 2 amazing kind of Sci Fi looks… she really is a master of makeup, see her looks below! The tip I got from her is that Groundwork Paint Pot is an amazing product to use as a contour…. yep it’s now on my MAC wishlist! I love products that can be used in more then 1 way.

Here are some random pictures of the day, as well as pictures of my haul! You can also check out my YouTube video below to see me talking about my haul 🙂

After IMATS I went and got myself a Konad starter kit, so expect to see some Konadicures on here soon. I thought I’d give you all a laugh and show you my first Konadicure… be kind it was my first attempt!

Here is my YouTube haul video… enjoy! 🙂