I managed to visit the brand new Sephora store in Sydney today and while I didn’t buy a lot I thought i’d make this video to show what I did get and give you a bit of info on the store. There are a few other items I picked up as well that i’ve thrown into this video as well.


What a busy weekend! I’m looking forward to the next weekend and doing nothing but sleeping in, watching foxtel and maybe a little baking!

So instead of breaking this up into a few blog posts I thought i’d do a full one with all details of my weekend and pictures etc.

First off…well not officially part of my weekend  but on Thursday night I popped into Sportsgirl (as I often do) and checked out the new nail colours…. what did I find… a dupe of this little colour

This is the current “It” colour, if you didn’t know already. The Sportsgirl version is called “Milkshake” I think maybe because it’s sort of the colour of cocopops milk, or a chocolate milkshake (only crunchy!!)

Here is the Sportsgirl one on my nails, I didn’t think id love this colour… but I do 🙂

On Saturday I had a family wedding, which I didn’t take any photos at. My dad did the photography so i’m sure I got in a few pics.

Then mum and I headed into the city to stay overnight at the Holiday Inn @ Darling Harbour for our John Mayer concert / Mothers Day. We went to Starbucks a few times… yes I’m obsessed with Starbucks (Caramel Frappucino Light)

On our way to sbux, we saw the Birthday of the Buddah festival was going on, this was a really cool setup and people were praying around it. So colourful!

After a not very nice dinner in Chinatown, we headed to the Entertainment Centre to take our seats for John Mayer… front row… yeah!!! My first time ever being front row at a sit down concert! I thought everyone would sit, but no they got up so we had to as well. I took a lot of photos… over 200! 

John Mayer was fantastic, despite all the media shit that surrounds him he is a fantastic musician and Saturday night was no exception. The set list alone was perfection with me squealing before almost every song because I was so happy he was playing them 🙂

The other guitarist was so awesome and funny 🙂

Then after John Mayer we went and got Starbucks…again… see a pattern? 🙂 I also wanted to go to Lindt Cafe and have waffles and hot chocolate, but they weren’t doing food so we picked up some macarons!! yummm! We got Passionfruit Delice, Champagne & Coconut

On Sunday morning we had breakfast on the harbour which was lovely, and then went home because it was my little babies 4th birthday… which little baby? Penny Lane!! 

Her favourite thing in the world is McDonalds Chicken Nuggets, so that’s what she got for her birthday. I think she was a happy girl 🙂 My mum had to feed them to her of course 🙂 She ate 8 and Minnie got to have 2… oh well it was her birthday! I can’t believe she’s already 4, it seems like only months ago I was picking her up from the airport when she was a baby.

After a great weekend, it’s back to work and the regular day to day! Looking forward to next weekend… they really aren’t long enough!



Today Sportsgirl had 20% off storewide, so of course I went.

I couldn’t find any clothes plus couldn’t be bothered trying stuff on I did like, however I got a couple of the new nail colours. It looks like Sportsgirl is jumping onto the Alice in Wonderland bandwagon with the names of these. I only picked up the two that I liked the look of the most and they were

Curiouser – Soft Sky Blue with a slight shimmer – gorgeous colour actually
Cheshire Cat – Mid purple (a bit darker then lilac) with a fine gold shimmer, a little sheer but definitely buildable.

Hardest decision was to pick which to wear, but isn’t that always the case with new colours…. so I did something a little fun and decided to wear both!

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure….really crappy shots too, photos are something I need to work on but I think natural light is always best. However this isn’t achievable at 10pm!

I actually think the colours work well together. When I showed S he said that my nails looked like easter eggs…quite fitting for this weekend I think.

I also want to wish everyone a safe and happy easter, don’t overdo it on the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. Remember they all go on sale after Sunday 🙂

Here are some adorable pictures I found on flickr, they are really OMGCUTE! 🙂

                credit – http://www.flickr.com/photos/fotoshots/3391486673/

credit – http://www.flickr.com/photos/fotoshots/2333443862/



Here is the second polish of my little haul from Sportsgirl the other day. This colour is Concrete Jungle and is a dark grey creme colour. 

I like this colour, i’m a huge fan of grey in the colder months so can see myself wearing this a fair bit. Have to mention that it has chipped quite a bit on my nails, but that may be my application plus the issues I have with the bottles (see my previous post about Purple Rain)

Excuse my bad nails! I’m long overdue for a manicure 🙂


As you might already know I am a fan of Sportsgirls nail polish brand Nail It. They have now changed the bottle design to look a bit different and funkier and released some new colours which I assume are for Autumn. 

I picked up 2 of the new season colours and the first one i’m going to show you is Purple Rain. The other I got is Concrete Jungle and its a dark gray.. I’m excited about this colour because it’s exactly the colour I was after for winter.

This purple colour hasn’t shown up too well in photos but there is a fine pink shimmer throughout the dark almost eggplant purple. It’s quite a pretty colour and has lasted quite well on my nails. It is quite similar to the Nars nail polish of the same name (I’ve only seen swatches though).

The application of the colour was a problem however, The new bottles are long so a lot of the polish picks up on the stick part of the brush this means that you end up with too much product which can become a little difficult when applying colour. This is definitely a design flaw on the new bottles and I’m considering sending an email to Sportsgirl about it.

Here are some pictures of it on my nails and a picture of the new bottle design.

Sportsgirl Nail Polish can be purchased in store or on their website at www.sportsgirl.com.au