I attended the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo again this year (Thanks to Maxted Thomas for the hook up!), if you’re unaware of the International Spa & Beauty Expo it’s a showcase of products and services for industry professionals in the spa and beauty industry (disclaimer: professional I am not but getting a pass to this is a bit of a perk of having this old little blog). They also sell products there for a heavily discounted price and you know what that means? HAUL TIME!!!!.

The expo is also like IMATS on crack, and with me attending IMATS on Saturday (21/9/2013) I thought i’d show you what I got at the expo before I bombard you with my IMATS haul next week. I originally filmed a video for this but forgot a few bits and can’t be bothered editing it… Yep i’m a lazy biatch sometimes.

Color Club Duo in East Austin & The Uptown – I recently posted a Manicure Monday using this duo, The Uptown was love at first sight and East Austin is a real surprise! I picked this duo up for $10.00AUD

Betsey Johnson for Tweezerman Tweezers – I’ve been in need of a new set of tweezers and really regretted not picking these up last year.. pink & skulls.. hello? meant to be! I think these cost me around $18 or $19.. I can’t remember.

Skull Nail Studs – Random little skull studs to put on a manicure one day, I just got 2 to pop on an accent nail. This is nail art I could possibly handle. These were $1.00 each.

Crown Brushes – So I can miss the stand at IMATS because it’s always Chaotic (Random Sidenote: Did anyone else watch the Britney & Kevin show Chaotic? SUCH A GUILTY PLEASURE. I even have it on DVD… yep I just admitted that). Any-hooo I purchased a blending brush which I was hoping would be a dupe of the MAC 217…It ain’t 🙁 and a pencil style brush that I love using to place colour and just needed another of because I detest brush washing. I think these were around $7-8 each.

LCN Nail Polishes – Sorry I don’t have the shades here with me, they had some really pretty colours and for $4 a pop I thought i’d give two a go.. A dark grey which I thought I was lacking in my collection and a blue (a girl needs a blue in every shade humanly possible.. well this girl does anyway). You can check out there website here if you’re interested!

Lord & Berry Cream Foundation – I went to this stand to try on an amazing bright pink lipstick I spied and after the makeup artist applied it she touched up my foundation with this and as soon as she was done I decided to scrap the lippie and get the foundation. It’s glowy, feels good on the skin and is kinda almost like my absolute favourite Illamasqua Skin Base. The colour I was matched to is a little too dark for me at the moment but come summertime it should be okay. I’ve been mixing it with other lighter shades I have to get it to match me at the moment though.

Beauty Blender Set – One of my main objectives was to pick up a Beauty Blender and I saw this little set with a blender & cleanser for $26! Unboxed, but such a bargain. Can I just say.. YOU NEED THIS. My makeup has never looked so natural, except today when I went a little too heavy handed on the foundation!. I’ve tried the competitor versions of this and I can honestly say nothing compares to the original (this sounds like a paid advertisement lol).

So that’s my entire haul, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I usually do videos for these but since it was a bit of a fail I thought i’d do it as a post instead.

Thanks again to Maxted Thomas for letting me attend 🙂 I behaved myself as best I could… Only squealed slightly when I saw Color Club 😛